IELTS Speaking about shopping: Chia sẻ kinh nghiệm làm và bài mẫu

IELTS Speaking about shopping: Chia sẻ kinh nghiệm làm và bài mẫu

IELTS Speaking about shopping là chủ đề khá phổ biến trong các bài thi IELTS. Trong bài viết này, IZONE sẽ hướng dẫn bạn cách làm bài tốt nhất.

Tổng hợp từ vựng chủ đề Shopping

Từ vựng

Phiên âm

Loại từ

Nghĩa Tiếng Việt

window shopping

/ˈwɪn.doʊ ˌʃɑː.pɪŋ/


Đi ngắm đồ tại các cửa hàng

Example: Window shopping is one of my favourite activities when travelling to another city




Đắt đỏ

Example: Having such low quality, this shirt is so pricey




Giá quá đắt

Example: Exorbitant suits and fancy shoes don’t make you look more attractive




Quá đắt (với hầu hết mọi người)

Example: The cost of a Birkin bag is prohibitive

cost (someone) an arm and a leg



Quá đắt

Example: The monthly rent costs her an arm and a leg

dirt cheap

/ˌdɝːt ˈtʃiːp/

Adjective, Adverb

Cực kỳ rẻ

Example: Most of clothes sold in this second-hand shop is dirt cheap




Món hời

Example: The bag was a real bargain

must-have product

/ˈmʌst.hæv ˈprɑː.dʌkt/


Món đồ ai cũng phải sở hữu

Example: This shirt soon became a must-have product in every girl’s wardrobe

slash price

/slæʃ praɪs/


Giảm giá sâu

flea market

/ˈfliː ˌmɑːr.kɪt/


Hội chợ, nơi bán đồ dùng đã qua sử dụng

Example: A flea market is taken place every Sunday in the school parking lot

knock-down price

/ˈnɑːk.daʊn praɪs/


Giá sập sàn

Example: I got my favourite dress at a knock-down price




Lướt qua cửa hàng và không có ý định mua

Example: I like going into clothes shops where I can browse items on my own




Tiêu nhiều tiền vào việc mua sắm

Example: I don’t want to splurge on a new dress

(pay) in cash


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Tổng hợp đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS about Shopping

Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking about Shopping part 1

1. Do you enjoy shopping? 

I do. It’s not like I’m a shopaholic or anything. You know, I just enjoy the activity itself so much. I enjoy shopping malls and going on shopping sprees. Trying on trendy, up-to-date clothes, even though I can’t buy them all, is like therapy for me. I also enjoy grocery shopping. The sudden feeling of freshness that I get whenever I step into a grocery shop always delights me.

2. How often do you go shopping? 

I believe it happens almost n every month. However, I rarely plan ahead. I’m an impulse shopper who can be rather compulsive at times. I don’t normally strive to keep up with current fashion trends, but when I see something I like, I buy it right away.

3. Where do you usually shop? 

Actually, I have a list of stores because each store represents a different style. And I know a lot of females these days enjoy trying on luxury outfits, but I prefer high-street items because they are more reasonable. As a result, I frequently drive around the city center, where all of the shops are located, to browse and purchase new clothing.

4. What is the most expensive item that you have purchased? 

Although I enjoy shopping for new clothes and shoes, the watch I’m wearing is the most expensive item I’ve ever purchased for myself. I’m a great fan of the brand, so when I saw the watch advertised on its website, I knew I had to have it, even if it’s quite expensive. However, it is pricey due to its simple yet sophisticated look, which matches with almost every outfit. It’s also long-lasting.

5. Do you prefer shopping alone or with others?

I prefer shopping with my close friends since they can advise me on what clothes will fit me best and it is also more enjoyable. However, if I want to spend more time at a certain store, I occasionally love going alone.

6. Do you think men and women have different opinions about shopping? 

Men, in my opinion, despise wasting time and energy shopping or wandering through various stores. They are less concerned with price and pay less attention to details.

Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking about Shopping part 2

1. Describe a time when you bought something for someone. 

You should say:

  •  when this was 
  • what is was you bought 
  • who you bought it for 

and say how you felt about buying it for them.

Model Answer

I’d like to tell you about a moment in my life… My spouse and I purchased a computer for our daughter approximately four years ago… We’d promised her one before she started university, and we’d delivered… There had been a large advertising push for the latest Apple Macbook at the time, and our daughter was quite interested in getting one…

She kept telling us how good they were… despite the fact that they appeared to be incredibly pricey to us… Anyway, we went shopping to see if we could find a good deal… This was during the summer sales, when prices on large brand names were being slashed everywhere…

However, Apple items are not included… We had to pay the whole sum in the end… My daughter used to rationalize the price by mentioning how wonderful the Apple carrier bag was… But it was wonderful to see her so enthusiastic, and the customer service she’s had over the past four years has been outstanding… After all, it was good value for money…

2. Describe a shop you like going to. 

You should say: 

  • where the shop is 
  • what things it sells 
  • how often you go there 

and why you like shopping there 

Model Answer

I adore going to a shop that I don’t go to very frequently since it is very expensive, but whenever I have gone, I have had a great time. The shop is in a lovely neoclassical structure with a spiral staircase in the heart of the city.

Large velvet sofas are available for resting while you wait for your meal. A shop assistant meets you as you walk through the double doors and offers you coffee and tea. They are really personable and make an effort to get to know their customers, making it far superior to online purchasing.

Normally, this degree of attention from a shop employee would irritate me, but they do it in such a manner that you believe they are genuinely trying to help you. The store specializes in high-end designer products. Many people believe their merchandise is pricey, but I suppose there is a market for it.

As I previously stated, I don’t go there very frequently because it is out of my price range, but I did go there to shop for shoes for my brother’s wedding. From over-the-top avant-garde designer items to classics that may become family heirlooms, their range and quality are unrivaled. So it’s a combination of variables – the store’s atmosphere, unmatched customer service, and, of course, top-notch products – that make this a store I like shopping at. I hope that one day, instead of just window shopping, I will be able to afford to shop there on a daily basis.

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Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking about Shopping part 3

1. Do all people enjoy shopping for clothes? 

I can’t be certain because it is very dependent on personal demand and interest. There are exceptions to the rule that women are more obsessed with fashion and shopping than the rest of the population. Others consider it a waste of resources, while those who enjoy spending time and money on exquisite pieces of clothes pay close attention to their looks and enjoy the act of shopping. People, on the other hand, buy garments for a variety of reasons that are not always related to whether or not they enjoy them. Most men, for example, avoid shopping for clothes until they need a new suit for a formal function or their clothes have holes in them!

2. Why do women like to go shopping?

Women are seen as the embodiment of beauty, which may explain why women like buying and dressing flamboyantly to such an extent. Outfits are, first and foremost, visual markers of personality. As a result, people desire to dress appropriately. Second, shopping is not only for the sake of fashion, but it is also a great way to unwind. In today’s culture, where many individuals are always stressed, indulging in some serious shopping may temporarily alleviate the weight off their minds. Last but not least, women rarely shop for themselves, preferring to spend their money on family and friends. They enjoy giving gifts and purchasing gorgeous clothing for their loved ones. As a result, shopping is high on their priority list.

3. Why do some women buy cheaper clothes and expensive ones at the same time?

To be sure, the more expensive an item of clothing is, the more luxurious it appears. Low-cost costumes, on the other hand, are not necessarily less appealing or stylish. As a result, many women’s closets contain both high-end and low-cost things for various purposes. Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton are more well-known among the upper class, and they commonly appear in luxury locations or events. Fashion trends and attractive designs are not lagging behind more economical garment brands like ZARA or H&M. As a result, many people like them, and their products are appropriate for a variety of events, from everyday wear to special occasions.

4. Do you think it is good for people to buy expensive clothes? Why? 

When it comes to fashion, people have preferences that satisfy both their taste and their budget. I believe it is more economical to not spend an excessive amount of money on clothing because that money could be better invested. The first is that fashions are fleeting. Even if a piece of clothing has been worn a few times, it is likely to be left untouched for eternity once it has gone out of style. Consider what would happen if this happened to dozens of additional items in your closet. You’ll end up wasting a lot of money. Furthermore, investing in experiences and knowledge rather than material objects will be more advantageous. More pleasure and wisdom will be gained from traveling and discovering the globe than from a fashionable outfit.

5. Why do some people like shopping with friends? 

Many people, like me, prefer to shop with friends rather than alone since they get benefits they wouldn’t get otherwise. When shopping, people frequently seek advise or suggestions on items or services. As a result, a buddy can give you more objective and fair feedback on an item you want to buy but are unsure about, which is highly useful in the fashion world. Furthermore, it may be impossible for you to avoid overspending, which is where your co-shopper comes to your aid. They make sure you understand the benefits and drawbacks before allowing you to go beyond your budget. As a result, I rarely go shopping alone unless all of my pals are busy.

6. Why do people like shopping for clothes online? 

In recent years, online shopping, particularly for fashion, has become a lucrative industry. To begin with, shopping online saves a tremendous amount of time. Rather than commuting for hours to your favorite stores to get new clothes from the latest assortment, your problem can be handled with only an Internet connection and your impeccable fashion sense. Also, no energy is required. Second, when you subscribe to any online company, you always get the greatest offers, which can save you a lot of money that you don’t even realize. Some stores even offer exclusive promotions to loyal clients, so prepare to be pampered. Finally, you may effortlessly switch from site to site to expand your options without moving your hands.

7. What risks would you take when shopping online? Why? 

There are two sides to every story, and shopping online may not always be the best option. Many internet buyers have had negative experiences with products or services that fell short of their expectations, or even both. The most common issue is a misrepresentation of color, size, or material, which is extremely upsetting because each individual has a distinct figure that is best suited to various types of apparel. As a result, you do not get value for your money. Customer service cannot be ensured unless you shop from reputable online stores that sell well-known brands or similar items. It could be days, weeks, or even years before your issue is resolved. To avoid the annoyance, be cautious and selective before making any buying decisions.

8. What special clothes do people in your country wear on official or formal occasions? 

In general, most gatherings do not have a rigorous dress code, with the exception of a few exclusive ones, but individuals do have some implicitly agreed upon concepts about formal clothes. Suits, blazers, and tuxedos are the most common choices for males. It’s logical, given that a well-tailored suit may improve a man’s confidence, exude strength, and signal dignity and respect. It’s better to overdress than underdress, after all. Women, on the other hand, typically wear gorgeous dresses or gowns that highlight their feminine forms and make them glow. The types of dresses might vary substantially depending on the formality of the event, from tiny black dresses to cocktail dresses to spectacular gowns.

9. What is the different dress style between boys and girls? 

Boys’ and girls’ fashion tastes are chalk and cheese, with the former focusing on practicality while the latter prioritizes style and beauty. Most guys participate in outdoor games or physical activities such as gardening, roller skating, and other sports because of their active temperament. As a result, sweat-absorbent, loose-fitting, and hard-wearing clothing is frequently selected by male teenagers. Girls, on the other hand, appear to develop a sense of style earlier than their male counterparts. As a result, their costumes are more varied, form-fitting, and trendy, with everything from blouses, shirts, and tank tops to tiny dresses, skirts, and culottes.

10. Do you like jewels? 

I enjoy collecting jewelry since it serves as both an accessory and a wonderful compliment to your overall outfit. There are dozens of different sorts and designs of jewelry available, so I’m sure everyone, regardless of gender, will find something they like, from earrings to bracelets to necklaces to watches. They are also fashioned of a variety of materials, ranging from the opulent silver, gold, and diamond to the more inexpensive and street-style artificial stones, copper, and other metals. As a result, they may be worn with a variety of styles, and if done correctly, they will liven up your ensemble.

11. Do you wear many jewels? 

Despite having a jewelry collection at home, I’ve never worn more than five pieces because I live by the maxim “simplicity is best.” I have a propensity of picking up interesting accessories whenever I see them, but I always think twice before pairing them with my outfit. If I wear an off-shoulder top, for example, a simple choker is enough to draw attention to my long neck. When I wear my hair in a messy bun, I like to wear a pair of sophisticated earrings like hoop or feather earrings to give it a more feminine and romantic feel. However, no more than five people will be present at the same time.

12. Why do some people wear jewelry for a long time?

I’m sure everyone has their own reasons. When people become emotionally attracted to a piece of jewelry, there is usually a story behind it. It could be a family heirloom that has been passed down through the centuries and holds sentimental value for the owner. It could also belong to someone they care about, such as their spouse, parent, or soulmate, which would explain why they refuse to remove it. Another factor is because they are accustomed to wearing the same diamond. After a period, they become accustomed to it and are too sluggish to switch to a new one, so it remains.

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