​​IELTS Speaking about Sports: Tổng hợp đề thi mẫu kèm đáp án chi tiết

​​IELTS Speaking about Sports: Tổng hợp đề thi mẫu kèm đáp án chi tiết

Sports là chủ đề khá phổ biến trong phần thi Speaking. Trong bài viết dưới đây, IZONE sẽ giới thiệu đến bạn đọc các mẫu đề thi IELTS Speaking about Sports kèm đáp án chi tiết. Tìm hiểu ngay.

Tổng hợp đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS about Sports

IELTS Speaking about Sports

Đề số 1: 

Describe an outdoor sport (thể thao ngoài trời) you played for the first time. You should say:

– what you did

– where and when you did it

– how you felt about it later

– Say if you would recommend this activity to your friends.

Well, I’ve played many outdoor sports, like football or basketball. But today, I’m going to tell you about one that I’ve just played for the first time. It is scuba diving (môn thể thao lặn có bình khí).

Back in high school, my class had a trip to Phu Quoc island, which is located in the South of Vietnam. Although it took us quite a long time to reach the destination, far from being exhausted, we were all excited. When we set our foot on (đặt chân lên đâu) the island, we enjoyed a lot of activities. Some of my friends walked around the island, while the rest (những người còn lại) tried scuba-diving, which was quite popular at the time. Frankly speaking, I was pretty nevous because I had never tried playing this sport before. 

Then we decided to hire an instructor to train us how to do this sport (chơi thể thao). We were taught how to control our breath, and some diving skills. After a couple of traning hours, we finally made it. Then, we rented diving suits (bộ đồ lặn) and all necessary equipment, like diving mask (mặt nạ dưỡng khí) or fins propeller (chân vịt) to make sure that we would be safe under water. You know what, when diving into the water, at first, I was still a bit flustered (luống cuống), but after a while, I started to get the hang of (quen với cái gì) it. Then I started my adventure. To be honest, I was stoked (phấn khích) by the diversity of the marine life. It was amazing. I could witness schools of fish (những đàn cá) and colourful ranges of coral reefs (rặng san hô) with my own eyes.

After diving for half an hour, I went on shore. I felt really great. It was like I was totally connected to the nature (hòa mình vào thiên nhiên) and all of my stress was released. Well, now I just hope that I could go back Phu Quoc island and play this sport again. 

Đề số 2: 

Describe an activity you do when you are alone in your free time/ space time. You should say:

– What you do

– What it was about

– How often you do it

– Explain why you like to do this activity

What do I do in my spare time (thời gian rảnh)? Well there’s lots of different activities (nhiều hoạt động khác nhau) I could tell you about – I’m a pretty active person (người khá năng động) and I like to keep myself busy (giữ bản thân bận rộn), so even when I’m not working, I always find something to do (kiếm cái gì để làm)

I suppose my favorite activity when I am alone in my free time is simply riding my bicycle (đạp xe). At first I just wanted to start cycling for fun (đạp xe lấy niềm vui), after a while, I came to realize that I’m really into it. Not only can it give me pleasure, it is also a great way to keep me fit (giữ cho tôi khỏe mạnh)

Normally, I would have a short bike ride (đạp xe chặng ngắn) around the city in the afternoon. This really helps me relax after stressful hours of work. Besides, when cycling, I can enjoy beautiful sceneries in my city, which I might not take a notice of when travelling by cars or other means of transportation (phương tiện giao thông). Recently, I’ve been involved in a cycling club. It was great when I could make friends with those who share the same interest with me. We usually gather together on weekends to have some chats about bike gears, and sometimes we just gossip about (tán gẫu về) our life and work. 

Back to the topic, I suppose cycling has changed my life a great deal. It has not only widened my friend circle (có thêm nhiều bạn), but also helped me lead a healthy life (Sống một cuộc sống lành mạnh). Now, I just hope that I could have more free time to enjoy this hobby.

Đề số 3: 

Describe a water sport (thể thao dưới nước) you would like to try in the future. You should say:

– What it is

– When you first watched the sport

– What you like about the sport

– And explain why you would like to try this sport

I have to confess (thú nhận) that I am not a sports lover (người thích thể thao) and I hardly do any sports. But when it comes to a water sports I would like to play in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate (chần chừ) to go for going swimming.

Unlike other sports, there are no rules (không có luật nào) to follow when you swim. Basically, swimming is just a coordination(Sự phối hợp) arms and legs and the natural floatation of the body (sự nổi tự nhiên của cơ thể). To become a swimmer, you need to take up exercise (luyện tập thể dục) and practice with a personal trainer (huấn luyện viên cá nhân) as well as wearing some special swimming gears (đồ bơi) such as swim cap or glasses (kính hoặc mũ bơi) to protect your hair and eyes from chemicals (chất hóa học) in swimming pool.

I want to try playing this sport because of two main reasons. It could help me keep fit (giữ khỏe mạnh) and build up my muscles (rèn luyện cơ bắp) as it provides an all-over body workout. Additionally, as far as I know, going swimming could help to release stress from daily life and work. Frankly speaking, this is all I need. Currently, I am up to my ears in work (bận rộn với công việc), and I find it quite stressful. So, I suppose this sport could do wonders for me (có lợi cho tôi). Oh, I forgot to mention that swimming pool is also an ideal place to help me escape from the scorching hot weather (thoát khỏi thời tiết nóng) in the summer. All in all, maybe in the next few months, I would sign up a swimming course. 

Đề thi và bài mẫu chi tiết IELTS Speaking about Sports

ielts speaking about sports

Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking about Sports part 1

Part 1-style questions

1. Examiner: Do you do any sports? (bạn có chơi môn thể thao nào không)

>> To be honest, I’m a big fan of (là một người hâm mộ của) sports, so I play a lot of sports like football or basketball. Sometimes I also go swimming (đi bơi) with my friends to escape the scorching (rất nóng) weather in Hanoi in the summer. 

2. Examiner: Who do you often play sports with? (Bạn thường chơi thể thao với ai?)

>> Well, normally I would play sports with my friends. I find it a great way to reduce stress after arduous (tốn sức lực) hours of work. That’s not to mention, playing sports together could help us strengthen our friendship (củng cố tình bạn).

3. Examiner: What kind of sports do you want to do in the future? (Bạn muốn chơi môn thể thao nào trong tương lai?)

>> If I were to choose, I would play scuba-diving (môn lặn có bình dưỡng khí) in the future. Well, I’ve known about it through some videos on Youtube. Although I’ve never played this sport, I suppose it would really be exciting (phấn khích). Not only could I immerse myself under the water, I could also learn more about the marine life (sinh vật biển).

Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking about Sports part 3

Part 3-style questions

1. Examiner: Should people be encouraged to take up sports? (Mọi người có nên được khuyến khích chơi thể thao?)

Well, absolutely yes. People of all ages should be encouraged to play sports. When it comes to young people, I suppose many of them are leading quite a passive life (sống một cuộc sống thụ động). They tend to glue their eyes on their TV screens (dán mắt vào màn hình TV) or smartphones all the time. So, I suppose, playing sports might help them kick these bad habits (bỏ những thói quen xấu)

That’s not to mention, it can do wonders for those people. By playing sports, they can build up their muscles and keep themselves fit (giữ cho họ khỏe mạnh). As for older people, playing sports in any form would be beneficial to their health.

2. Examiner: Why do some people enjoy participating in sport more than others?

Well, I suppose, many people like to play sports because they are aware of its benefits. Playing sports not only helps them stay in shape (giữ dáng), but it’s also a great way to relieve their stress. Well, as for me, after a day of hardwork, perhaps, there is nothing that can comfort me better than having a football match with my friends. 

However, some people don’t have a liking for sports. I suppose there are several reasons. One of them is that they are often up to their ears in work (rất bận rộn với công việc), so they don’t have much time left for other activities. What’s more? Those who have children might want to spend their free time taking care of their children rather than playing sports.

3. Examiner: Which sports do you think are best for people who are used to physical activity?

Well, for those who are used to physical activities, I don’t know if it counts, but weightlifting at a gym can be a great option. Because this sport might demand a lot of physical strength. Besides, there are many benefits associated (liên quan) with it. Not only can people build up their muscles (rèn luyện cơ bắp), they can also enhance their appearance (làm ngoại hình đẹp hơn). I don’t get why but I’m always attracted by those who have a buff body (cơ thể cuồn cuộn cơ bắp).

Đối với part 3, các bạn có thể áp dụng theo công thức trả lời như sau: Trực tiếp – Giải thích – Liên hệ

Ví dụ:  What are the benefits of playing sports?

Bước 1: Trả lời trực tiếpGợi ý tiếng Anh
Chơi thể thao có rất nhiều lợi ích.many/ a lot of hoặc lots of/ benefit
Bước 2: Giải thích câu trả lờiGợi ý tiếng Anh
Nó giúp tôi: thư giãn cải thiện các kĩ năng giao tiếp, làm việc nhóm và giải quyết các vấn đề phát triển cơ bắp sống khỏe mạnhhelp/ relax/ improve/skill/ communication/ teamwork/ problem-solving/ build/ muscle/ up stay/ stay/ healthy/ 
Bước 3: Liên hệ bản thânGợi ý tiếng Anh

Tôi thường chơi môn thể thao… và  Hiệu quả sau một khoảng thời gian là

Ví dụ: Tôi thường chơi bóng rổ. Sau 5 năm chơi thể thao, tôi đã phát triển được cơ bắp.
(Nên sử dụng thì Hiện tại hoàn thành)

usually/ play/ basketball/

After/ 5 year/ build up/play/ muscle

Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking about Sports part 2

Part 2-style task

Describe a place you like going to in your space time. You should say:

• what this place is

• when you go there

• what you do there

and say why you enjoy it there so much.

I would like to talk about my local sports center (trung tâm thể thao địa phương). It’s a place I spend a lot of time in. It’s a new building with all the latest sports facilities (trang thiết bị thể dục thể thao mới nhất) probably go there at least twice a week, sometimes more often it’s a huge place. There’s an outdoor athletics track (sân điền kinh ngoài trời) and some football pitches. I play football so I’m often out there. There are several indoor squash (bóng quần trong nhà) and tennis courts (sân quần vợt) that I occasionally use and  a big swimming pool  although I don’t use that very often.

I’m not a very strong swimmer, there’s a gym and lots of things really. Why do I enjoy going there  it’s just a really fun place to be  there’s a good social side to it all you can enter competitions meet up with (gặp gỡ) other people who want to do the same sports and because there are so many activities on offer (hoạt động quảng cáo) it gets you interested in different things for example I listened to some people talking about training to run the marathon and I’ve decided I might even think about that I go jogging a couple of times a week so it would give me something to aim ( nhắm vào cái gì) for so the sports center that’s the place I really like to visit.

Tổng hợp từ vựng chủ đề IELTS Speaking about Sports

Chủ đề Sport với lượng từ vựng tương đối nhiều như từ vựng hoạt động thể dục –  thể thao, từ về các môn thể thao,… vì vậy các bạn nên học và thực hành nói ngay để có thể nhớ và hiểu cách sử dụng của từ đó.

Dưới đây là một số từ vựng, cụm từ sử dụng trong topic: Sport.

  • an athletics meeting: một sự kiện thể thao (an event where various athletics sports are held)
  • an athletics track: sân điền kinh 
  • an away game: sân khách (a football match played in the opposing team’s stadium
  • a brisk walk: bộ môn đi bộ nhanh (a fast walk)
  • to do judo: môn judo (not go or play)
  • a football fan: người hâm mộ bóng đá (someone who likes football)
  • a fitness programme: chương trình thể dục (a schedule of activities to keep fit)
  • a football match: một trận đấu bóng đá (a game of football)
  • a football pitch: sân bóng đá (the surface on which you play football. As opposed to a stadium, which is the building)
  • a football season: mùa bóng đá (a period in the year when football is played
  • to get into shape/ to become fit: thân hình chuẩn
  • to go jogging: đi bộ tập thể dục ( to run around the streets)
  • a home game: sân nhà (a football match played in the teams own stadium)
  • to keep fit: giữa dáng  (to stay in good physical condition)
  • to be out of condition: không khoẻ (to not be physically fit)
  • a personal best: to achieve the best personal result so far in a sport
  • a personal trainer: huấn luyện viên cá nhân (a sports coach that helps you on a one-to-one basis)
  • to play tennis/football: chơi bóng tennis/ bóng đá (not do or go)
  • to run the marathon: chạy đường dài (to run a distance of 42.195 Kilometers)
  • a season ticket: vé mùa, hay còn gọi là vé dài hạn (a ticket that gives you entry to most of a team’s home games during the sporting year).
  • to set a record: lập kỉ lục (to achieve the best result in a sport)
  • a sports center: trung tâm thể thao (a public building where people can do various sports)
  • sports facilities: dụng cụ, trang thiết bị thể dục thể thao (the equipment and services needed to do a sport)
  • a strong swimmer: kình ngư (a good swimmer)
  • a swimming pool: bể bơi (the place where you swim)
  • to take up exercise: bắt đầu tập thể dục (to start doing exercise)

Hy vọng với những chia sẻ trên đây của IZONE đã giúp bạn tự tin hơn với phần thi IELTS Speaking about Sports. Theo dõi góc IELTS của IZONE để cập nhật thêm nhiều kiến thức ôn luyện hữu ích.IEL