IELTS Speaking Clothes & Fashion: Đề Thi, Từ Vựng 2022

IELTS Speaking Clothes & Fashion: Tổng hợp đề thi, đáp án và từ vựng

Chinh phục IELTS Speaking Clothes & Fashion bằng đề thi, câu trả lời mẫu và bộ từ vựng cực hay và đầy đủ nhất mà IZONE đã tổng hợp trong bài viết này.

Tổng hợp đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Clothes & Fashion

Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Clothes & Fashion part 1

ielts speaking clothes fashion

It depends. Since I work in a formal environment, I always try to look sharp when I go to work. As a result, a suit and tie are frequently required. When I’m just hanging out with my friends or going for a casual stroll, I’m more likely to be dressed casually: a random pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and some sneakers.

Again, it really depends. If I’m feeling generous, I might go and splurge on some clothes. If I was short on money and had to get something, I might go shopping at flea markets. You can get some great deals and buy a lot of clothes there without breaking the bank.

I’m not a fan of them, mostly because from what I have seen, these clothes are either too gaudy or overpriced. I believe you can be fashionable without buying fashionable clothes for exorbitant prices. And you can look good in any clothes as long as you have a keen eye for style.

They most likely do. Some people are quite particular about what they dress in order to be perceived as fashionable. Others dress in clothes that convey money or status, such as clothing designed by well-known designers.

My style has barely changed. I don’t keep tabs on the current trend or fashion, so my wardrobe is pretty much limited to what I can find locally and what I find affordable. There is one change though, is that I have begun to wear more loose-fitting clothes, rather than slim fit ones.

Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Clothes & Fashion part 2

ielts speaking clothes fashion

Describe clothes you wear on special occasions

You should say:

  • What they are
  • Where you buy them
  • Why you wear them

 And what people think about them

I prefer to dress in comfortable clothes and feel so most of the time. I prefer to wear smart, so the casual slacks, white shirts, and a blazer are for the majority of special occasions. Suits and formal shoes are essential components for my entire appearance at times when the social gathering I attend requires a higher level of formality.

Since I’m always looking to save up, most of my casual clothes, even the smart ones, come from marketplaces and common fashion brands like Zara or Uniqlo. However, I have greater expectations when it comes to my formal attire, particularly in terms of materials and their longevity. As a result, I usually purchase my shirts from a reputable fashion house. I’ve ordered clothes online for special occasions before, but I prefer to try them on first and see how they fit on me. I must admit that I enjoy the variety of options available at the stores.

My family enjoys seeing me in formal attire since it complements my features quite a bit. My build is on the slimmer side. Not many find any issues in my attire, most they have said was that I can look rather uptight. My friends, on the other hand, seem to enjoy this personality of mine, manifesting through my clothes. 

I choose to stick to the formal way of dressing. I prefer to dress to please myself rather than wear the clothes that others would choose to follow trends, or dress too casual.

Đề thi và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Clothes & Fashion Part 3

ielts speaking clothes fashion

Yes, it’s possible.

It is a person’s sense of fashion, not expensive stuff, that makes him or her truly appealing. I have a lot of peers that know how to mix and match different clothing things that work nicely together, based on my expertise. Surprisingly, many of their garments are used or simply bargains from flea markets. Quality clothes, on the other hand, contribute to improving one’s overall appearance and are well worth the money.

Boys’ and girls’ fashion styles are chalk and cheese, with the former focusing on practicality while the latter prioritizes style and aesthetic. Most guys I know participate in outdoor or physical activities such as soccer, skateboarding, and other sports. As a result, sweat-absorbent, loose-fitting, and durable clothing is frequently selected by male teenagers. Girls, on the other hand, appear to develop a sense of style earlier than their male counterparts. As a result, their attires are more varied, form-fitting, and trendy, with everything from blouses, shirts, and tank tops to tiny dresses, skirts, and culottes.

Yes, to a select group of people, particularly fashion devotees. Fashion shows almost always introduce and promote the most recent trends, which people can study and follow in order to look more fashionable. Although I adore watching the latest fashion shows, I rarely wear the outfits I see on the runways since they are typically too expensive or look too weird.

Older trends, in my opinion, evolved more slowly and gently from one to the next. They merged into one another. Today’s fashions shift dramatically in a short period of time. Clothing styles often last barely a year or two before being replaced by something completely different. Naturally, there are more options available now.

Well, I believe that our clothing choices are mostly determined by our circumstances and personal tastes. On the one hand, depending on the event, you will wear either formal or informal attire. Similarly, one’s personal style or personality influences wardrobe selections significantly. For example, on formal occasions, I prefer white shirts and trousers to exquisite dresses because this look is way more luxurious. 

Tổng hợp từ vựng chủ đề Clothes & Fashion

ielts speaking clothes fashion

TừNghĩaVí dụ
to be on trendbắt kịp xu hướngHe was a fashion designer. Of course has had to be on trend
casual clothesquần áo thường ngày/bình thườngI prefer casual clothes over formal ones.
classic stylekiểu dáng cổ điểnOur teacher prefers classic styles, so he often wears a velvet blazer with dress trousers.
designer clothesquần áo hàng hiệu/ hàng thiết kếI have never been able to afford designer clothes.
to dress for the occasionsmặc đúng dịpIt is important to not rely so much on casual clothes, and learn how to dress for the occasion.
fashionablehợp thời trangOne thing she was known for is that she was quite fashionable
fashion househãng thời trang cao cấpShe visited a fashion house to look for a high quality suit.
fashion iconbiểu tượng thời trangMailyin Monroe was a known fashion icon.
fashion showbuổi trình diễn thời trangAre you coming to the Paris Fashion Show? 
to get dressed upăn mặc diện, lên đồIt is only a work party, you don’t have to get dressed up for it.
to have an eye for fashioncó mắt thẩm mỹ thời trangPeople often laugh at me since I don’t have an eye for fashion despite being in art school.
keep up with the latest fashiontheo đuổi xu hướng thời trang mới nhấtMy mom strangely has managed to keep up with the latest fashion after all these years.
to mix-and-matchphối đồShe only has 5 set of clothes, yet she managed to mix and match them so well that no one notices that.
old fashionedlỗi thờiPencil skirts are so old fashioned now.
well-dressedmặc đẹpPeter has never been as well dressed as he is at his sister’s wedding.
fashion sensegu thời trangOver the year, his girlfriend has changed his fashion sense.
ever-changingliên tục thay đổiFashion is ever-changing,
look sharpnhìn nhanh nhẹn, gọn gàngYou have to look sharp for this interview
break the bankchi tiêu hết nhiều tiềnI don’t want to break the bank dressing up for this date.
aestheticthẩm mỹI much prefer the aesthetic of the 90s
loose-fittingcỡ rộngWe need loose-fitting clothes if we want to go out today
form-fittingcỡ vừa với thân hìnhShe never wears form-fitting clothes.
attiretrang phụcFormal attire is required for this restaurant.
A slave to fashion/fashion devoteetín đồ thời trangAs a slave to fashion, I buy every single new pair of jeans from that brand.
runwayssàn catwalkI saw that jacket at the runways shown on TV last week.

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