Ứng dụng Collocation vào Speaking – Unit 29: Success and Failure

(Nguồn: English Collocations In Use Intermediate)

Chủ đề Thành công và Thất bại là những chủ đề quen thuộc và có liên quan đến đời sống hàng ngày của mỗi chúng ta. Nhưng liệu rằng các bạn đã biết hết những cách diễn đạt hay về chúng trong Tiếng Anh? Bạn sẽ nói như thế nào khi bạn thành công đạt được chiếc huy chương vàng hay khi kể về sự thất bại của một start-up?

Hãy cùng IZONE học những cụm từ diễn đạt hay về chủ đề Khởi đầu và Kết thúc trong bài viết này nhé

A. Success.

5 Steps for Defining Your Personal Path to Success | Inc.com


James Turner 

MATHS:James has made a breakthrough in his maths this year, doing excellent work in comparison with last year. A remarkable achievement.
ENGLISH:This year has seen a dramatic improvement in James’s English. His crowning achievement was his performance in the school production of Othello.
FRENCH:James has an excellent grasp of French. This will come in useful for the school trip to France next year, and we hope he will take advantage of the opportunities to speak French there.
SCIENCE:James has done very well this year, passing his exams without any problems. If he continues to work hard, his success next year is guaranteed.
GEOGRAPHY:James has made good progress with his geography this year, gaining good marks in the end-of-year exam.
HISTORY:James’s history project was a great success. His use of original sources was highly effective. He makes useful contributions in class and has the ability to explain difficult ideas clearly to less able pupils.
ART:James found some effective ways of working with natural materials this year and his self- portrait was a brilliant success.
SPORT:James has been training hard and, as a member of the First Football Team, is now able to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. Playing for the school has certainly brought out the best in him and he has rightly won the respect of all his team-mates.

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B. Failure

How to deal with failure in business - Institute of Entrepreneurship  Development

Unfortunately the peace talks now seem likely to fail miserably

Although a lot of money was invested in the film it has proved to be a spectacular failure. [extremely unsuccessful]

O’Connor’s first play was a great success but his second play flopped. [failed to attract audiences]

Hopes that the play would enjoy a long run in London were dashed. [hopes have had to be abandoned]

Unfortunately, more pupils than ever are said to be failing their final exams.

The mountaineer’s attempt to climb Mt Everest went badly wrong.

Everyone agrees that the peace talks are doomed to failure. [are certain to fail]

Hopes were initially high for the new project but it has proved to be a dismal failure. [a total failure]

A couple of major companies in the area went out of business last month. [stopped doing business]

I think the new plans for cutting railway costs are a recipe for disaster. [will certainly lead to major problems]

At the last moment the Olympic ski jumper lost his nerve and did not take part in the competition. [was not brave enough]

The President’s speech was disappointing as it totally missed the point. [failed to understand what is really important]

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C. Exercise

Bài 1: Hoàn thành những đoạn nói sau tuyên dương những người thành công ở nhiều lĩnh vực khác nhau.

Over the years, Henry has (1) the respect of his colleagues, and now, as he retires, we all hope he can enjoy the (2) of his many years of hard work. His career has been a (3) success, and he has (4) . an enormous contribution to our profession.
Thank you from all of us.

As Head Teacher I am proud to say the school has had a great year. 87% of students (5) their exams with grades B or higher, while the remaining 13% (6) good or very good marks. The school rugby team has done well; its (7) achievement was winning the regional championship. We believe that Garfham School (8) out the best in our boys and girls!

Our research team has (9) a breakthrough and the success of the project is now (10) . It has been a (11) achievement. We must now (12) advantage of the excellent progress we have (13) and find more (14) ways of persuading the public of the importance of our work. I know we (15) the ability to do this successfully.

I am delighted to present our annual school Language prize to Tom Linton. Tom now has an excellent (16) of five major languages, which will certainly (17) in useful. Tom was not always a brilliant language learner, but his work showed a (18) improvement. Well done!

Bài 2: Nối các phần mở đầu ở bên trái với những phần kết thúc ở bên phải để tạo thành câu hoàn chỉnh 

1. Our plans went
2. My hopes were
3. After the horse threw me, I lost
4. The scheme is doomed
5. He failed his
6. Our political campaign failed
7. His plans are a recipe for
8. A year later he went out of
9. She seemed to miss the
10. Her latest novel was a

Bài 3: Sửa lại 6 lỗi collocation trong đoạn sau: 

I was always a dismal fail at school. I completely passed the point of maths and I failed sadly at most other subjects. Only the drama teacher managed to bring off the best in me and gave me a part in the school play. However, I lost my courage on the day of the performance and my hopes of a career on the stage were smashed.


Điểm số của bạn là % – đúng / câu

D. Practice

Part 1: 

1. What is your greatest achievement so far?

(*) Cố gắng sử dụng 1 số collocations Gợi ý để hình thành câu trả lời. Lưu ý là bạn KHÔNG cần dùng tất cả collocations này trong câu trả lời của mình, chỉ cần chọn ra 1 vài collocations hữu ích.

crowning achievement, pass exams, gain good marks, effective ways, enjoy the fruits of one’s hard work

2. Is it easy to succeed for the first time? Why?

fail miserably, effective ways, make good progress, dramatic improvement, success is guaranteed

3. Have there been any failures that made you better in your life?

fail exams, hopes are dashed, fail miserably, lose one’s nerves ,make good progress, dramatic improvement

Part 2: 

Describe a success you would like to achieve (in the near future). You should say:

  • What it is
  • How difficult you think it will be
  • What you should do to prepare for this
  • Explain why you want to succeed in doing this.
  • Explain how you think you will feel after you reach this goal.

remarkable achievement, pass exams, lose my nerves, fail exams, dismal failure, hopes are dashed, effective ways, make good progress, dramatic improvement, bring out the best, make a breakthrough, enjoy the fruits of hard work.


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