Ứng dụng Collocation vào Speaking – Unit 34: Deciding and choosing

(Nguồn: English Collocations In Use Intermediate)

Trong đời sống hàng ngày, mỗi chúng ta thường xuyên phải đưa ra quyết định của mình. Nhưng liệu rằng các bạn đã biết hết những cách diễn đạt hay khi đưa ra quyết định của mình chưa? Ngoài động từ “decide” ra thì bạn biết có cách diễn đạt quyết định của mình không?

Hãy cùng IZONE học những cụm từ diễn đạt hay về chủ đề bày tỏ ý kiến trong bài viết này nhé

A. Decisions and judgements

Decision Making là gì? Các kỹ thuật ra quyết định nhóm hiệu quả. – Atoha
Hi Rita,Have you made a decision yet about the new job? It must be difficult. It’s such a big decision to have to move to London and everything.I always put off making decisions till the last possible moment.I bet you’re the same. I detected a slight hesitation in your last e-mail. Are you having second thoughts? Anyway, let me know.Paul
Dear Carl,You’ve probably heard that the management have taken the decision to close the Madrid office. There was a lot of discussion, but apparently it was a unanimous decision in the end. There’s always been a degree of uncertainty surrounding the future of the Madrid office, but let’s just hope this will now be seen as a wise decision by everyone.Jane
Dear Mary,After weeks of hesitating, it seems Archie has arrived at a decision about the research fund. He’s going to increase it by £10,000. I think that’s a sensible decision that combines generosity and sound judgement. But he’s also defending his decision to close down the San Antonio project, which is losing a lot of money. However, he’s reserving judgement on the Berlin project until he gets more reliable information.Nick

Các bạn hãy xem nghĩa và giải thích chi tiết cho từng câu tại đây nhé:

(Nhấp vào đây để xem hướng dẫn)

B. Choices, opportunities, advice

Tiếng Anh - [IELTS SPEAKING] Bài Mẫu Talk About A Good Decision That You've  Made Recently - Việt Nam Overnight

Tim: I’m going to have to make a choice soon about next year. I’ve been given the chance of going on a six-month expedition to South America and I’ve been offered a job in a bookshop here.

Laura: Wow! South America! That sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime! How could you say no?

Tim: Well, believe it or not, I don’t have a burning desire to see the world, I’d much prefer just to stay at home. Anyway, I’m going to consider all the options before I decide.

Laura: Well, I know you never take my advice but I would strongly advise you to think of the future. Overseas experience is much more useful than working in your hometown. You’re lucky to have a choice, a lot of people stay at home because they have no option.

Tim: I know, I know, but it’s a tough choice. You wouldn’t understand.

Laura: Well I think you’re just taking the soft option if you choose the bookshop. I can’t believe you’re going to pass up the opportunity of a trip to South America. 

Tim: Well, we all face difficult choices now and then

Laura: Difficult! You’re mad! Look, just don’t reject South America out of hand. Promise me you’ll think about it.

Tim: Yes, yes, I already said I’m going to weigh up the options and come to a decision.

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C. Exercise

Bài 1: Dựa vào những từ ở phần A, hoàn thành câu của người B trong cuộc trò chuyện để B đồng ý với những gì A nói.

1. A: I still don’t know whether to take the job or not. But I’ll have to decide soon
B: Yes, you can’t go on putting _________the decision for ever

2. A: It was good that absolutely everyone agreed in the end, wasn’t it?
B: Yes, I’m glad it was a _________ decision

3. A: I think I’d prefer to wait and see what happens before judging the new system.
B: Yes, I think it’s best if we all _________ judgement till we see the results

4. A: I said I would join the committee but now I’m not so sure
B: Mm, it’s obvious you’re having _________ thoughts

5. A: I felt he was hesitating a little bit before deciding, didn’t you?
B: Yes, I definitely detected a _________ hesitation on his part, you’re right


Bài 2: Hoàn thành mỗi câu sử dụng một từ dưới đây











1. She has always been respected for her judgement in financial matters
2. Do you think it was a decision to sell off the company’s Dublin branch? I think it was a mistake
3. I think we should up the options before deciding.
4. It took the committee a whole day to at a decision.
5. There seems to be a of uncertainty as to whether they will sign the contract
6. I don’t think we can our decision to exclude some of the children from the competition. Everyone thinks it’s very unfair.
7. It was a choice, but we had to make it, even though we hated doing so
8. I think you should your father’s advice and say no.
9. I wish someone would me the chance to prove how good I am.
10. Have you to a decision yet about your university course?

Bài 3: Đọc những lời nói của những người khác nhau, sau đó trả lời các câu hỏi

1. Rhoda: I think I’ll choose the supermarket job; the job at the children’s hospital seems like very hard work. I want something easy.

2. Zubaya: I’ve decided to say no to the offer to join the conservation team in Canada

3. Kim: I desperately want to see the world; I’ll take any job if it means I can travel

4. Archie: I don’t want to sell my flat but I have no other way of getting money.

5. Mabel: Me, work in a zoo? Never, absolutely not! I’m not even prepared to consider it!

6. Elaine: I’ve been offered a job singing on a cruise ship. It’s fantastic! I’ll never get an offer like this, ever again

1. Who is going to do something because they have no option? =>
2. Who has been given the opportunity of a lifetime? =>
3. Who wants to take the soft option? =>
4. Who is rejecting something out of hand? =>
5. Who has decided to pass up an opportunity? =>
6. Who has a burning desire to do something? =>

Điểm số của bạn là % – đúng / câu

D. Practice

Part 1

1. Do you find it easy to make a decision?

(*) Cố gắng sử dụng 1 số collocations Gợi ý để hình thành câu trả lời. Lưu ý là bạn KHÔNG cần dùng tất cả collocations này trong câu trả lời của mình, chỉ cần chọn ra 1 vài collocations hữu ích.

make a decision, a big decision, put off making decisions, slight hesitation, have second thoughts.

2. Have you ever made an unwise decision?

make a decision,  big decision, put off making decisions , a slight hesitation, have a second thought, degree of uncertainty, sensible decision,

3. Do you often take advice from other people?

take a device, strongly advise, pass up the opportunity, have a second thought, come to a decision, arrive at a decision.

Part 3

1. What kind of decisions do teenagers face nowadays?

make a choice, the opportunity of a lifetime, consider options, face difficult choices, pass up the opportunity, come to a decision

2. Do you think decision making today is different from decision making in the past?

make a decision, a big decision, weigh up options, face difficult choices, come to a decision, arrive at a decision, burning desire, take soft options.


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