Ứng dụng Collocation vào Speaking – Unit 6: People: physical appearance

(Nguồn: English Collocations In Use Intermediate)

Chủ đề Ngoại hình là một trong những chủ đề quen thuộc và có liên quan đến đời sống hàng ngày của mỗi chúng ta. Nhưng liệu rằng các bạn đã biết hết những cách diễn đạt hay về ngoại hình trong Tiếng Anh? “Một vòng eo thon thả” – bạn có biết cách diễn đạt của cụm này không?

Hãy cùng IZONE học những cụm từ diễn đạt hay về chủ đề ngoại hình trong bài viết này nhé

A. Words describing people’s physical appearance

Integrating Your Physical Appearance With Your Castable Types —  IndependentActor

1. My father has a round face, with chubby cheeks and a droopy moustache. My mother has a more pointed face and a straight nose. My younger sister is more like my father. She has an oval face and an upturned nose. My older sister is like a model. She has a slim figure and a slender waist . She has a lovely complexion and beautiful sleek, shoulder-length hair, and she’s always immaculately groomed. I feel so ordinary next to her – I’ve got coarse hair and rather broad hips, but she always says I look nice.

2. My father and my two older brothers are all well-built with broad shoulders. My father is going bald but he still has a very youthful appearance for someone who is over forty. My brothers both have thick hair and bushy eyebrows. My younger brother is only two — he’s just a tiny tot, but he’s very cute. My mother’s side of the family mostly have dark hair – in fact my mother had jet-black hair when she was younger, before she went grey – but on my father’s side some have fair hair and some have ginger hair.

Các bạn hãy xem nghĩa và giải thích chi tiết cho từng câu tại đây nhé:

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B. More collocations describing appearance

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A short, dumpy woman was selling flowers at a stall on the street corner, [short and quite fat woman; used more often of women than of men ]

A portly gentleman answered the door, [ fat and round; usually used of middle-aged and older men]

A lanky youth was standing at the street corner, [ tall and thin and tending to move awkwardly ]

I wouldn’t like people to see me with dishevelled hair and dirty clothes, [ very untidy; used of people’s hair and appearance ]

He bears a striking resemblance to his father, [ looks remarkably like ]

The lady who entered the room had a very striking appearance, [ unusual appearance, in a positive, attractive sense]

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C. Exercise

Bài 1: Điền những từ trong hộp vào cột từ “béo” hoặc “gầy” và trả lời câu hỏi bên dưới.

portly lanky slender dumpy slim chubby
1. portly
2. lanky
3. slender
4. dumpy
5. slim
6. chubby

Bài 2: Nối các tính từ ở cột A với các danh từ ở cột B để tạo collocation


1. Bushy
2. Tiny
3. Oval
4. Striking
5. Broad
6. Droopy
7. Chubby
8. Dishevelled

Bài 3: Điền collocation phù hợp vào những ô trống. Đôi khi chữ cái đầu tiên của từ sẽ được cho trước. 

I hadn’t seen Will since he was just a (1) t…….., t…….. so I was surprised to see that he was now a tall young man. He was (2) im…….., gr …….., smart and elegant. He was with a pretty young woman with (3) j……..-black, (4) shoulder-…….. hair and a (5) I…….. com……… She could have been a model, she had such a (6) str…….. ap……… He had his arm round her (7) s……..  wa……… With them was a (8) po…….. g…….., who looked as though he enjoyed good food, and who was probably her father. When I introduced myself to Will, he smiled. ‘Of course, I remember you,’ he said. ‘You used to work with my father. But you haven’t aged at all! You have a much more (9) y…….. a…….. than my father now does. Dad has (10)…….. very grey.’ I felt very pleased when he said that; he obviously didn’t notice I was beginning to (11)……..bald. Everyone likes to think they look young when they get older.


Bài 4: Sử dụng những từ trong hộp để điền vào chỗ trống để tạo thành câu có nghĩa tương phản.









1. Her hair’s not (1) …….. , it’s quite (2) …….., in fact it’s almost black.

2. She has an (3) …….. nose but her brother has a (4) ……..nose.

3. Her mother has a (5) …….. face but her father has a (6) ……..face

4. My hair is so (7) …….. and ugly; Sally’s is so (8) …….. and lovely.


Điểm số của bạn là % – đúng / câu

D. Practice

Part 1

1. How would you describe your physical appearance?

(*) Cố gắng sử dụng 1 số collocations Gợi ý để hình thành câu trả lời. Lưu ý là bạn KHÔNG cần dùng tất cả collocations này trong câu trả lời của mình, chỉ cần chọn ra 1 vài collocations hữu ích.

round face, chubby cheeks, pointed face, oval face, round face, straight nose, upturned nose, lovely complexion

2. Do you look like any other people in your family?

bear a striking resemblance to sb,  thick hair, bushy eyebrows,  dark hair, jet-black hair, go grey.

3. Do you often take care of your appearance ?

shoulder-length hair, thick hair, disheveled hair, immaculately groomed, youthful appearance.

Part 3

1. Do Vietnamese people pay attention to their appearance?

shoulder-length hair, thick hair, jet-black hair, disheveled hair, immaculately groomed, youthful appearance.

2. Do people worry too much about their appearance as they get older?

go grey, go bald, coarse hair, broad hips,  youthful appearance, lovely complexion, immaculately groomed.


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