Tổng hợp đề thi IELTS Writing qua các năm cập nhật mới nhất

Tổng hợp đề thi IELTS Writing qua các năm cập nhật mới nhất

Trong bài viết này, IZONE sẽ tổng hợp các đề thi IELTS Writing task 1, task 2 qua các năm 2020, 2021. Luyện tập và làm trước các đề thi IELTS sẽ giúp bạn làm quen với các dạng bài.

Tổng hợp đề thi IELTS Writing 2020 và bài mẫu

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 1 2020 và bài mẫu

Đề 13/2/2020:

Đề thi IELTS writing

Bài làm mẫu: 

The given bar chart illustrates the level of investment in four categories, namely machinery, building, staff training and research, from five organizations.

Overall, the investment portfolio varies widely from organization to another, with staff training in organization B representing by far the most significant outlay. It is also obvious that the average investment in organization A, B and C is much higher than that of the other two. 

In particular, organization B stands out as the biggest investor in both training employees and conducting research, with 1.9 and 1.6 billion euros respectively, while the heaviest investment in building goes to organization A with 1.5 billion euros. Both of these organizations direct the least financial resources to machinery with 0.9 billion for the former and 1 billion for the latter. In contrast, machinery, together with research, is the most sizable category in organization C, at approximately 1.3 billion, which is also the highest figure in this domain out of five companies. 

With regards to organization D and E, these two have a lower financial investment in all four sectors on average, with no sector attracting more than 1 billion euros. Similar to organization A, both organization D and E channel the largest part of their funding to building. with 1 billion euros each. However, it is not machinery but research that falls into the bottom of the investment portfolio for these two companies, with 0.6 for the former and 0.7 billion euros for the latter.

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Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 2020 và bài mẫu

Is the mental strength important for success in sports or is it more important to have strong and fit people in sports? Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Bài làm mẫu: 

It is sometimes argued whether physical or mental strength is more significant in sports. Personally, I believe both are of equal importance to gain great sports achievements. On the one hand, being physically fit is one determining factor contributing to success in sports. The spirit of sports from daily exercises to professional sports competitions is to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is, hence, common knowledge that those who are the strongest, most resilient are usually chosen to present in any sports competition. The strong stamina itself gives them an edge in the games, helping them become the ones who stay when other competitors are worn down. This is evidenced by professional runners who do multi-day races. Only those who are fit enough can reach the finish line and even break the record to become the champion. Besides, a healthy, efficient body composition, often derived from a comprehensive year-round strength training program, also contributes to injury deterrence. This is because a resilient musculo-skeletal system can act as a shock absorber and join stabilizer, minimizing the impact of accidents in a competition. 

On the other hand, I strongly believe that resounding successes in sports can hardly be achieved without a strong will. While it is understandable that physical strength can help sportsmen defeat their opponents who are not as strong, the mental determination can even help them go further, that is, to overtake those who are stronger physically. Such mental resolve can also be applied when the pressure feels high or the odds are against them in a competition. In such cases, those who are still able to stay level-headed and focused would most likely become top athletes. Any sportsman, thus, should enter a competition with careful mental preparation, otherwise, he could either give up halfway or be defeated.

In conclusion, both physical and mental strength are contributing factors to sports achievements. Sportsmen are advised to train themselves to be simultaneously fit and determined to be successful.

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Government should spend more money on medical research to protect citizens’ health rather than on protecting the environment. Do you agree or disagree?

Bài làm mẫu: 

It is commonly believed that more government funding should go to medical research, instead of preserving the environment, to safeguard public health. In my opinion, while there are certain merits to this idea, medical funding should by no means receive greater government resources than environmental protection.

On the one hand, allotting monetary resources to clinical research is a central solution to promoting public well-being in the sense that increased investment in medical research will likely translate into increased medical advancements. Over the past century the increased life expectancy of humans over the past century can be predominantly attributed to advances made in medical research. From insulin treatment for diabetes, vaccines for polio and measles to innovative approaches to cancer treatment, the outcomes generated by medical studies have saved countless lives and will continue to do so. Therefore, from a standpoint of medical science and public well-being, it appears to make sense to gravitate towards financing medical research for the sake of the well-being of humankind.

On the other hand, if we examine the broader picture, we may find that environmental protection is just as important, and therefore, worthy of securing equal funding. First and foremost, as far as public well-being is concerned, a dearth of budgeting specialized for environment protection might be synonymous with declining public well-being. For instance, pollution caused by an overwhelming number of vehicles on the road is the primary cause of air pollution, which has been found to lead to stroke, lung cancer and heart disease. Given that environment is interconnected with public health, environmental protection in this regard might act as a preventive measure against health issues. Thus, it makes sense to attribute resources to preserving the environment with the view to effectively alleviating one of the root causes of health problems.

To conclude, I strongly disagree with the belief that government spending should be given to medical research in the name of public health rather than environmental protection. Budgets for conducting medical research and safeguarding the environment are both surely well-meaning causes, and if spent properly and effectively, will likely improve our citizens’ well-being.

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Some education systems make students focus on certain subjects at the age of 15, while others require students to study a wide range of subjects until they leave school. What are the benefits of each system? Which is better?

Bài làm mẫu: 

The educational focuses for students from the age of 15 vary across educational systems, with some prioritizing an in-depth coverage of a limited number of. subjects, and others spreading the focus on many subjects across the board. To the former methodology, I believe that the holistic approach would prove more beneficial.

On the one hand, there are two main reasons why a number of educational systems narrow the scope of study to merely several core subjects for mid-teens. Firstly, an early concentration provides students with practical preparation for the

university major and the career they aspire to pursue after leaving school. Without such a focus, students would have to divide their attention for a wide range of subjects, many of which do not seem to have any direct relevance to their prospective career. Secondly, it can help bridge the knowledge and skill gaps that an economy may have. For example, computer science, architecture and engineering are the disciplines which have yet to attract enough of a talent pool in Vietnam, and the focus on these areas for Vietnamese high-schoolers is doing its job to gradually fill the gap.

On the other hand, I believe that it is more advisable for 15-year-old-and-above students to follow a more holistic curriculum. Firstly, these students should be given the opportunity to explore a broad range of subjects instead of following a standardized one-size-fits-all group of subjects at school. At the age of 15, most students are too young to decide the major they want to pursue, not to mention that their desire can swing halfway. Therefore, a broad coverage in this sense could give them more time to explore themselves and identify which discipline would suit them best. Moreover, on an economy-wide scale, given the rapidly changing economic landscape, it is hard to predict with accuracy which kinds of knowledge would be of the essence in the future. Accordingly, students with a well-rounded preparation at school could gain a competitive advantage over those who do not. Lastly, hardly any profession nowadays exists in isolation, so a wider repertoire of acquired knowledge during school means they can deal with their future job more flexibly and resourcefully.

In conclusion, I am firmly convinced that the adoption of a comprehensive educational program for learners after 15 years old could bring more significant benefits compared to a restricted curriculum.

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In some countries around the world men and women are having children late in life. What are the reasons for this development? What are the effects on society and family life?

Bài làm mẫu: 

‘While marriages are traditionally ensued by child-bearing, it is widely observed that more and more couples in many parts of the world are delaying childbirth. This essay attempts to shed light on the explanations for as well as the impacts of this trend on families and society.

A few explanations can be given to justify couples’ inclination for late childbirth. One instrumental reason for this trend is career fulfillment. The road to coveted jobs often lies through years of hard work and serious commitment. As for newly wed couples who are still young, the first few years into a job could be a determining factor in their promotion prospects. Thus, having children at this critical juncture might then interfere with their process of ascending the corporate ladder. Personal discretion is cited as another plausible reason for couples’ delayed childbirth. While in the past, young people might be under parental pressure to continue the bloodline soon after their marriage, it is now not necessarily the case. Liberation from traditional obligations about childbearing is often synonymous with more time for these young people to enjoy themselves, before they are weighed down by child rearing Thus, it makes sense that the desire to bear a child would hardly feature among their short-term priorities.

Couples’ decision to defer childbirth is expected to produce both positive and negative outcomes. On a family unit level, older couples are more likely to be financially stable and more mature. These two factors have a great part o play in the child’s upbringing, as they increase the likelihood that the children would grow up in a comfortable and nurturing environment. On the other side of the equation, giving birth at a later age might cause long-term repercussions to the health of both the mother and the child. Specifically, women over the age of 35, when bearing a child, are more prone to miscarriages and other serious ailments in the prenatal and postnatal periods, which in turn might affect the well-being of their child. In terms of the society, as late childbirth often means a huge age gap between parents and their children, this might present a cause for concern in societies where it is customary for parents to rely on the support of their children upon retirement

In conclusion, delayed childbirth results from personal and professional fulfillment, and this trend exerts both positive and negative influence on families and society.

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Some cities create housing areas by providing taller buildings. Others create housing by building houses on a wider area of land. What solution is better?

Bài làm mẫu: 

The idea of whether to construct a city vertically with skyscrapers or have a horizontal expansion has always been a thorny dilemma. From my perspective, despite several merits that the latter model can offer, cities with vertical construction development prove to bring more significant benefits. 

Advocates of horizontal cities often cite space and privacy of detached houses as solid examples of the great experience that a lateral expansion can offer. When it comes to space, separate dwellings bring along with them distinct amenities such as a lush garden for nature lovers or a spacious yard that perfectly serves the households in need of a playground for their children. Besides, privacy seekers certainly favor separate houses over apartments in a high-rise building due to less noise disturbance from neighbors next door or even upstairs. However, given the burgeoning population in urban areas nowadays, hardly any city can provide enough space for building houses. Even with the policy to expand currentland to the suburbs, such extension may never meet the ever-increasing demand for accommodation in metropolises. On top of that, living in a dispersed city is tantamount to more travelling by private vehicles, which will compound the air contamination and trigger more respiratory diseases among city dwellers.

The alternative of erecting multi-storey buildings does not just mitigate the problems arising from horizontally constructed cities, it also brings many significant benefits. Firstly, high-rise buildings prove an optimal solution to the dearth of land to accommodate the acceleration of urban population. One skyscraper which can provide dwellings to hundreds of residents occupies only a fraction of the land that would otherwise be used to erect houses for the same number of people. In addition, living in a complex equipped with myriad facilities such as offices, department stores, and recreational centers will considerably lessen travelling necessities. This not only helps reduce the volume of traffic in the city, and thus alleviating air pollution, but also offers immense convenience to the dwellers as they can get everything within walking distance of one building. As for young adults on a tight schedule, this option seems far more favorable than the idea of living in a house. 

In conclusion, although some people may prefer to live in houses due to a number of advantages, tall buildings have much more to offer, from addressing some of the most pressing problems in urban areas to creating more convenience for the residents

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Some people said that the government should spend more money taking care of the elderly people while others think that government spending should be spent more on the education of young people. 

Bài làm mẫu: 

It is argued whether more money from the national budget should be allocated to catering for the old or the education of the young. While it is reasonable to take care of senior citizens in life, I believe it would bring more advantages if a larger amount of money is spent on educating the youth.

On the one hand, it is common sense for many nations to protect and look after older people. The elderly are generally the most vulnerable classes in life since they are susceptible to old-age diseases. If government spending to take care of this old generation becomes more generous, it would send a profound message to the general public, especially the young, that constant effort and hard work during the working-age eam financial support later in life. Furthermore, senior citizens have spent a better part of their life contributing to economic national development and therefore, deserve regular financial aid in return. A large proportion of them, indeed, have joined the labour workforce at an early age and shown a lifetime commitment to their job, which leads to a massive economic output for the country. 

On the other hand, I would contend that more money from governments should go to the education of the young because it could bring advantages for more groups of the population, whereas it can only benefit the elderly population was it spent on looking after this demographic of society. When children are offered more learning opportunities, it would lead to a better-educated generation. This is likely to create a more qualified workforce as children are equipped with essential specialized knowledge and skills. As a result, the overall wealth of the nation can be boosted considerably. Accordingly, the living standard of the whole population would be substantially improved, including the young and the old. Besides, once the youth is well-educated, it is likely that more young people could afford to take care of their old members. The more comprehensive knowledge they acquire, the more quickly they can grasp the importance of looking after old people, and thus, become independent from governments.

In conclusion, although the country’s budget spent on looking after the elderly might be of great significance to their later stages of life, I believe when more money is invested in the education for the young generation, it would benefit citizens on a larger-scale rather than restrict any group.

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Some people think the money spent in developing the technology for space exploration is not justified. There are more beneficial ways to spend this money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Bài làm mẫu: 

In a time of dizzying scientific innovation and technological advancement, space exploration has received increased attention. However, some people dismiss investment into space exploration as a waste of financial resources. From my perspective, while there are certain merits to the development of space exploration, it should by no means be prioritized over more urgent matters in society.

On the one hand, funding space exploration is justifiable in the sense that it is a potential solution to the ever-growing population of the Earth. As population density continues to increase while habitable land remains limited, 2 plethora of issues associated with urban sprawl such as land loss, resource depletion and poverty have arisen. Thus, as space exploration might potentially lead to the discovery of a habitable planet, a new livable environment would likely help to alleviate the mounting pressure induced by population growth. Specifically, more land will be available for residential usage, while possibly new natural resources will also be of great usefulness in accommodating a burgeoning population, thereby securing humankind’s existence in the long run.

On the other hand, I also believe that space exploration should not receive greater funding than more pressing social issues at present. In reality, funding space exploration should be perceived as a sustained attempt which would likely not bring immediate results, and rather the majority of resources should be dedicated to short-term priorities such as healthcare, education and poverty. Given that space exploration is often characterized as a considerably expensive and time-consuming undertaking, it would take years and enormous financial resources before humans might have a chance to colonize another planet. Therefore, it would be impractical to prioritize space exploration over human’s current well-being. What matters most at this point should be investment into the sustainable development of our society, such as healthcare infrastructure, urban planning and universal education

In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that although allocating monetary resources to the exploration of outer space plays a crucial role in the long-term existence of the human race, more funding should be devoted to mitigating immediate problems of the modern world.

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In some countries, only few young people go to classical music concerts or play classical music. Why? Should young people be encouraged to attend and learn more?

Bài làm mẫu: 

Classical music appears to not enjoy widespread popularity among the young. There could be many reasons for this, and I believe this genre of music deserves more of a younger fan base who either learn to play or attend classical music concerts.

The fact that only a small number of young people enjoy classical music can be justified in some ways. The first explanation could be the stigma attached to classical music, which probably stems from its name. The word “classical” normally evokes feelings of the old days, suggesting that this type of music is more suitable for the nostalgic elderly. Secondly, the melody coupled with the length of classical works makes them deemed boring to many young people. For these people, the music they listen to should reflect their boundless energy, and hence, modern types of music with a fast rhythm and short duration such as electronic songs would dominate orchestral pieces. Not to mention, the ticket price to a musical concert can be prohibitively expensive for young listeners who often live on a strict budget. This keeps them from frequenting the concert hall and rather turn to other more affordable genres.

Regardless of all the aforementioned inconveniences, it is my firm belief that classical works should be promoted more among young generations. Firstly, classical music is considered a precious musical heritage reminding people of world-renowned composers including Mozart and Beethoven. Keeping their masterpieces alive, thus, is a way to protect cultural heritage and teach the next generations about the beauty and appreciation of art. Besides, youngsters can also reap the tremendous health benefits that classical music has to offer. These include reducing stress levels, bettering sleep quality, and enhancing productivity, among others. As efforts should be made to increase the exposure of the young to classical music, it is advisable that the original tracks should be broken down into shorter pieces and integrated into movies or television shows; also, tickets to concerts should be subsidized so that classical music can become more widely accessible. 

In conclusion, although many young people do not have a strong preference towards either joining concerts or learning to play classical music for several reasons, they should come into contact with this genre more often. By doing so, they can contribute to the preservation of musical heritage and gain significant health benefits for themselves.

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Tổng hợp đề IELTS Writing 2021 và bài mẫu

Task 2: Many people want their country to host an international sporting event. Others believe that international sporting events bring more problems than benefits. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Bài làm mẫu:

Public opinion has been differing over the value of hosting global athletic events such as the World Cup and Olympic Games. Some people view this as a high-risk and low-return investment that is not worth looking into, while others are of the opinion that it could offer an avalanche of benefits to the nations. Although each notion has its own merits, I find the latter idea more convincing. One of the concerns raised by the opponents is the financial exigencies associated with organising such grand events. It consumes a significant share of public budget to construct large infrastructures such as stadiums, parks and accomodations just to serve a temporary flurry of demands. Many of those facilities fall into disuse once the Games are over, which is the case for Greece – the host country of 2004 Olympics. Another adverse implication is the inequality in the distribution of resources between various regions of a host country. A few large cities where the events take place are entitled to a plethora of investment at the expense of other less developed areas. The said disparity, in many cases, has sparked public outrage among citizens.

Regardless of all the aforementioned concerns, countries have been competing for the right to host global athletic events for the wondrous effects they bring about. Firstly, the competition attracts global attention, which is an ideal opportunity to introduce a nation’s potential, culture and hospitality to the world.

Such promotion of a country’s image could attract a substantial amount of foreign investment as well as enhance its position in the international political landscape/arena. Secondly, the explosive growth of provinces where the games are held does not necessarily mean a loss to others, but it rather carries a spill-over effect. Host cities are often turned into economic hubs, which attract thousands of job seekers from neighboring less developed areas on the one hand, and facilitate trade between the hubs and their satellite cities on the other hand. Thirdly, the events are conducive to the sporting spirit of citizens, especially the youth, and foster a sense of patriotism as they see their nation in the international headlines.

In summary, although hosting global sporting events might put a strain on the national budget and disturb local people in some cases, those potential deleterious impacts are dwarfed by the said economic benefits as well as the positive externalities such investment could bring to a host nation.

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Task 2: Some people believe that women should play an equal role as men in a country’s police force or military force, while others think women are not suitable for these kinds of jobs. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Bài làm mẫu:

Gender equality in traditionally male-dominated professions such as those in the police or the army has been a highly controversial topic of late. While some argue that women are less suited for these career paths, I believe that the roles they serve are as important as men’s. 

On the one hand, many people advocate that women are less fit for duty than men, for the reason that jobs in the  police or the army are physically demanding and occupationally hazardous. It is often the case that soldiers or policemen have to carry heavy equipment like heavy firearms or bulletproof vests while they are on a mission, and men are often fitter for the job. This is because men generally innately possess more raw strength and speed than women given the same amount of training, according to many studies on the subject. The said strength and speed also prove necessary when they are faced with danger, which is typical both in the world of fighting criminals or maintaining social order. A subtle difference in physical abilities when they are in a criminal pursuit, for example, could mean the difference between life and death. 

On the other hand, I personally think that candidates of both genders are suitable for these occupations for several reasons. Firstly, the duties of policemen or soldiers are not only performed in the front line. For instance, in the military force, female applicants are more suitable for working as nursing staff. Nurturing instincts and the tenderness in women’s nature are bound to make them more suited for taking care of injured soldiers. Secondly, the police force or the army both have a rigorous scanning process in terms of recruitment. Many women who long for working in these fields have passed official training courses and possess sufficient qualifications. Therefore, these applicants’ wishes should be taken into consideration without gender bias.

In conclusion, although some say that women are less likely to perform well as policewomen or soldiers because of their physical abilities, I suppose that they are equally suited for the above-mentioned jobs due to the fact that the tasks involved in these fields are diverse in nature and that the best applicants will be selected during the hiring process, irrespective of their genders. 

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Task 2: It is now possible for scientists and tourists to travel to remote natural environments, such as the South pole. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Bài làm mẫu: 

As the result of increasingly sophisticated transportation, many scientists and tourists can traverse across the world to exotic distant lands. This essay would attempt to make the case that while this enablement presents some merits, they are ultimately overshadowed by the demerits. 

Visits to isolated regions such as polar areas can facilitate the knowledge expansion regarding the Earth’s ecological system. In these visits, scientists and nature lovers can explore firsthand the secluded landscape and wildlife, which likely helps deepen their understanding of and instill a sense of appreciation for the diversity of our home planet. Scientists go about this by setting up research – stations in the area, which allows research work to take place, and consequently leading to a more environmentally informed public. For instance, research expeditions made to the South Pole in the last several decades have given some insight into the exotic wildlife residing in the area. Another benefit is that travelling to previously inaccessible destinations can offer more diversity for tourists, especially thrill seekers or adventure lovers. These travellers can enjoy a relatively exclusive and likely once-in-a-lifetime experience, which not many can claim to have since such traveling is still not for the masses.

The above-mentioned benefits, however, are likely dwarfed by the drawbacks from my perspective. Due to the long-distance nature of the trips to remote areas, the amount of carbon emission released to the environment is inevitably enormous. What’s more, as the means of transportation for long-distance travel is often ships, oil spillage could occur, and in fact they have on many occasions in the South Pole. These accidents may take many years, or even decades, to be reversed. The appearance of tourists can also disturb the wildlife in these once human-free areas, especially with the lack of oversight in these sparsely-populated areas. The safety of tourists themselves also poses valid concems. If accidents do happen along the excursion, it would take lots of time for fescue teams to reach the victims, which put travelers’ lives at stake. 

In conclusion, although the possibility to travel to remote destinations can broaden our knowledge and provide a thrilling experience, these benefits are by no means worthy trade-off for the negative impacts on the environment and travelers’ safety risks. 

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Task 2: Today different types of robots are developed which are good friends to us and help us both at home and work. Is this a positive or negative development?

Bài làm mẫu: 

The development of robots, as widely observed in many industrialized nations, has been met with solid support for its associated benefits both in the home and in the workplace. Personally, I believe that the rise of robotics is both positive and negative. 

On the one hand, there are several advantages associated with robotic advances. First and foremost, robots are productive. While humans are, by nature, subject to human errors, robots are substantially less likely to commit errors, given that their codes are accurate. As a matter of fact, robots can work consistently over an extended period of time, all the while delivering highly standardized results. In addition, more robots at the workplace can liberate humans from repetitive procedures to focus on more innovative work. Since robots can perform laborious tasks, human workers are given more time and energy to devote to jobs that require critical analysis, problem solving and innovation. This is also true in a household setting, where robots can assist people with several household chores such as mowing, vacuuming and cleaning. 

On the other hand, the progression of robotics comes with its trade-offs. To begin with, the growing presence of robots might result in a loss of employment opportunities. This can especially be true for low-skilled workers, who are likely to find themselves replaced by advanced robots. A prime example of this can be seen in manufacturing and assemblies, which would likely deprive traditional workers of their jobs. Another demerit of the development of robots lies in cybersecurity threats. Robots are now an inseparable and indispensable part in the daily operations of many large corporations, and as they are prone to risks of viruses, hacking or data breach, there are notable risks that the systems could be compromised or even collapse. Furthermore, leaving robots to do household tasks could mean people will lead a more sedentary lifestyle, as well as stripping family members of the opportunity to bond over doing chores together.

To conclude, I am convinced that there are both advantages and disadvantages embedded in the accelerating trend towards robotization in our society.

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Task 2: It is more important to spend public money on promoting a health lifestyle in order to prevent illness than to spend it on treatment of people who are already ill. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Bài làm mẫu:

It is sometimes said that the state should spend money on the prevention of illnesses through promoting a healthy lifestyle rather than on the remedies of ill patients. From my perspective, while the former investment has an important part to play, I believe that it is by no means more important than recovering ill patients.

On the one hand, there are several reasons why the promotion of a healthy lifestyle should receive funding from the government. Firstly, this source of funding could help solve the problems of an unhealthy lifestyle, which is pervasive in modern societies and which causes a range of debilitating diseases. For instance, obesity and heart diseases often result from the lack of exercise and a cholesterol-rich diet. These health problems can be prevented through propagation and public campaigns that raise awareness among citizens about the associated risks of unhealthy food. Secondly, despite the development of medicine and healthcare systems, a lot of illnesses still remain incurable. For example, in many forms of cancer, the disease cannot be cured completely even after exorbitant and painful courses of treatment, which is regrettable as many of these cancers could have been negated with a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, the allocation of a reasonable proportion of public money to treating the ill is of the same significance. It is a fact that a number of diseases are hereditary. In other words, they are passed from parents to their child in the genes and cannot be prevented in any way. For example, a child whose parents have diabetes is highly likely to suffer from this genetic disorder as he ages. In these cases, neither a healthy lifestyle nor a good diet could ensure a clean bill of health, thus highlighting the role of treatment. Moreover, the expenses of medical care and medicines are getting higher, especially for some serious inheritable illnesses. In these cases, the medical bill could pose a serious financial burden on the ill, who would need financial support from the state to alleviate the problem. 

In conclusion, it is certainly true that the government should invest money in promoting a healthy lifestyle among all citizens, but this is by no means the only way public money should be distributed since, in many circumstances, costly treatment of the ill cannot be neglected.

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Task 2: Đề 20/5/2021

Bài làm mẫu: 

There is a notable ongoing trend of going overseas to pursue higher education among high-school and college graduates. While some people regard this phenomenon as a loss to a country, others champion its positive impacts. On recognising the discernible benefits from the trend, | entirely concur with the latter idea.

Firstly, the workforce, arguably an essential pillar of any society, would certainly be enhanced by having more students educated in world-renowned universities overseas. This would translate into an increase in the national talent pool, from which many leading experts and upper echelons of the government are drawn. For example, Vietnam’s Politburo is now mostly constituted of members who were educated in prestigious institutions around the world, and this has certainly helped explain the country’s impressive GDP growth in recent years. Secondly, students studying overseas often have to fit in a multicultural environment, and during the process they should internalize certain innovative sets of beliefs. These values, when brought back to their country, would positively inform the social perceptions of progressive global movements such as environmental protection, feminist and labour rights. Over time, this will likely lead to a growing representation in the public of new and innovative values, which eventually culminates in a force for change, especially in rather conservative societies.

Concerned people typically view the trend of studying abroad as a brain drain that should be halted to preserve a nation’s talents. This is a rather partial point of view, because while those overseas students may not instantaneously have anything to offer, many do return to their home country upon graduation to work and live there. In fact, a lot of major contributions to the field of science in Vietnam are made by Vietnamese students formerly studying overseas. Opponents further argue that a significant part of students opt to remain in the adopted country after graduation, and be that as it may, this does not preclude their role in the promotion of the national image and pride. A case in point is Vietnamese scientist Tran Xuan Bach, globally recognized for winning the Noam Chomsky Research Award, who is a great credit to his motherland as such contribution does not exclusively accrue to a single nation but universally benefits humankind.

In conclusion, although a nation might not derive any immediate benefits from the students furthering their study elsewhere, it is highly crucial for a country’s socio-economic development, especially in the long run.

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Những lưu ý để đạt điểm tối đa cho phần thi Writing

Sử dụng band descriptors

Mỗi phần thi trong bài thi Writing đều có một phần band descriptors. Chúng ta hiểu band descriptors tương tự như barème điểm chấm thi của môn Văn. Đây là bảng tiêu chí giám khảo sẽ dựa trên, kết hợp với nhận xét chủ quan của giám khảo để xác định bài thi chúng ta nằm ở band điểm nào.

Việc tìm hiểu band descriptors rất hữu ích cho thí sinh để hiểu được những tiêu chí mình cần đạt để có được số band điểm mong muốn. 

Band descriptors của Task 1

Các tiêu chí của task 1 bao gồm:

  1. Task Achievement
  2. Coherence and Cohesion
  3. Lexical Resource
  4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Chúng ta sẽ tập trung vào những tiêu chí cần đạt được và những lỗi cần tránh để bạn đạt được band điểm từ 6.0 trở lên, số điểm tối thiểu hầu hết thí sinh nhắm tới.

– Task Achievement: tiêu chí về khả năng thực hiện tốt nhiệm vụ đề bài giao cho. Để hoàn thành tốt tiêu chí này, bạn cần hoàn thành xuất sắc tất cả các yêu cầu của đề bài, và viết dưới dạng một đoạn văn định dạng rõ ràng, với ngôn ngữ phù hợp và phát triển ý tốt.

Dưới đây là một số lời khuyên và những điều cần tránh để giúp bạn cải thiện hoàn thành tác vụ của mình ở một mức độ tốt hơn:

  • Bao gồm các đầy đủ các thông tin quan trọng và đảm bảo thông tin phù hợp, liên quan tới nội dung, không bị lạc đề.
  • Sử dụng văn phong phù hợp với thông tin cần trình bày, và nhất quán xuyên suốt cả bài.
  • Nếu có, hãy làm nổi bật được các xu hướng, các so sánh, khác biệt của các thông tin trong bài.

– Coherence and cohesion: tiêu chí về khả năng liên kết giữa các câu văn để tạo ra tính mạch lạc, dễ hiểu của đoạn văn của bạn. Khả năng này sẽ được đánh giá qua sự liên kết hiệu quả giữa các câu văn và các đoạn văn của bạn để truyền tải thông điệp theo bố cục hợp lý. Một số lời khuyên và lỗi cần sửa:

  • Đảm bảo thông tin được sắp xếp theo một trình tự nhất định, không bị lẫn lộn, không theo một mạch nhất định.
  • Sử dụng các từ và cụm từ liên kết phù hợp và hiệu quả, tránh việc sử dụng lặp lại những từ đó. Đồng thời có vốn từ liên kết đa dạng để có thể sử dụng một cách tự nhiên, không bị gò bó, công thức quá.
  • Ở mức độ tốt nhất, việc liên kết ý phải diễn ra tự nhiên, tới mức mà ta có thể hoàn toàn tập trung vào mạch nội dung được truyền tải mà không hề để ý tới các từ liên kết.

– Lexical Resource: tiêu chí về khả năng vốn từ vựng đa dạng và phù hợp.

Bạn sẽ đạt số điểm cao hơn nếu có thể:

  • Paraphrase câu hỏi một cách chính xác.
  • Làm đa dạng vốn từ vựng của bạn bằng cách sử dụng các từ đồng nghĩa.
  • Tránh mắc lỗi từ vựng.
  • Đánh vần các từ một cách chính xác.
  • Sử dụng từ vựng thích hợp để mô tả xu hướng, so sánh, giai đoạn, thay đổi, v.v.

– Grammatical Range and Accuracy: tiêu chí về mức độ chính xác và khả năng sử dụng thành thạo các cấu trúc ngữ pháp.

Bạn sẽ đạt số điểm cao hơn nếu có thể:

  • Không mắc bất kỳ lỗi ngữ pháp.
  • Sử dụng các thì phù hợp với nội dung bài.
  • Sử dụng nhiều cấu trúc phù hợp với nội dung bài.
  • Sử dụng cả câu đơn và câu phức.
  • Sử dụng các dấu câu chính xác.

Band descriptors của Task 2

Phần lớn các tiêu chí ở task 1 và 2 đều giống nhau. Điểm khác biệt duy nhất là tiêu chí đầu tiên của task 2 là Task Response (thay vì Task Achievement)

Task Response là tiêu chí về phản ứng tác vụ của bạn, tức khả năng đáp ứng các yêu cầu đặt ra của đề bài (thí sinh có bị lạc đề không? Có trả lời được các câu hỏi đề bài đặt ra không?)

Để cải thiện điểm của mình trong tiêu chí này, bạn cần:

  • Quan tâm tới tất cả các vấn đề được đề cập đến trong đề bài
  • Nhắc đến tất cả các vấn đề trong bài viết, không chỉ viết về một chủ đề nói chung.
  • Trả lời với các luận điểm chính có liên quan đến vấn đề
  • Có các luận điểm phụ liên quan và phù hợp với ý chính

Quản lý thời gian

Việc thí sinh không nắm chắc kỹ năng quản lý thời gian, dẫn đến việc chưa hoàn thành được một trong hai Task 1 và 2, hoặc viết cả 2 sơ sài, là điều không hề lạ. 

Bạn có tổng cộng 60 phút cho 2 Task. Task 1 yêu cầu 150 từ, task 2 yêu cầu 250 từ. Như vậy, ta cũng thấy được mình cần dành nhiều thời gian hơn cho Task 2. Và xen vào đó là thời gian dành cho việc lên dàn ý và soát, sửa lỗi. 

Sẽ không có một lượng thời gian cố định nào dành cho Task nào mà IZONE chắc chắn rằng mọi thí sinh nên tuân theo. Điều này tùy thuộc vào mỗi thí sinh, mức độ nhận xét đề khó dễ và khả năng của mỗi người. Nhưng, có một vài lưu ý hữu ích mà có thể giúp ích cho mọi thí sinh:

  • Luôn dành ra thời gian để lên dàn ý trước khi viết bài và sửa lỗi sau khi làm bài. Hai điều này sẽ giúp cho chính quá trình viết bài dễ dàng hơn, thí sinh luôn biết mình cần viết gì tiếp theo.
  • Khi có dàn ý, làm theo dàn ý. Không nên để những ý tưởng mà mình nghĩ là “hay hơn” làm chậm mình lại, khiến ta xóa hay gạch những ý trước đi, hay làm chúng ta ngắc ngứ, mất thời gian nghĩ từ. Hãy tập trung vào khả năng truyền đạt ý tưởng hơn là chất lượng ý tưởng đó.
  • Luyện tập quản lý thời gian ngay từ những bài Writing thi thử. Thí sinh có thể có thói quen dành ra thật nhiều thời gian càng tốt để viết một bài thật hay cho giáo viên chấm. Nhưng dần tới ngày thi, thí sinh cần luyện tập giới hạn bản thân vào đúng 1 tiếng để nắm rõ được mình với khả năng của mình, cần phân bổ bao nhiêu thời gian cho công việc nào.

Sử dụng tài liệu

Việc luyện tập Writing cũng không khác gì luyện tập những kỹ năng khác, và việc biết và chăm chỉ tận dụng các tài liệu sẽ đưa bạn đi rất xa trên con đường tìm kiếm số điểm mong muốn.

Get Ready for IELTS Writing

Một cuốn sách tuyệt vời cho những ai bắt đầu từ con số 0 làm quen và luyện tập Writing. 

Đề thi IELTS Writing

12 bài học trong cuốn sách giúp bạn nắm được tổng quan về các dạng câu hỏi có thể xuất hiện trong bài thi Writing. Không những vậy, với mỗi dạng câu hỏi cuốn sách còn cung cấp từng chiến lược, lời khuyên cho thí sinh.

Basic IELTS Writing

Nếu bạn mới bắt đầu học IELTS writing và còn đang loay hoay chưa biết các bước viết hoàn chỉnh bài viết writing task 1 hay task 2 thì cuốn sách này sẽ là “vị cứu tinh” của bạn.

Đề thi IELTS Writing

Một ưu điểm của cuốn sách này là có hướng dẫn về các dạng câu hỏi của IELTS General Training, trong khi hầu hết các cuốn sách khác chỉ thảo luận về các dạng câu hỏi học thuật (Academic) của IELTS.

Sau khi đọc cuốn sách này, bạn có thể nắm được khái niệm chung về các dạng câu hỏi trong bài viết IELTS. Ngoài ra, đối với mỗi dạng câu hỏi, cuốn sách hướng dẫn bạn tự phân tích bằng cách sử dụng các ví dụ chi tiết. Từ đó, nó có thể giúp bạn có một bức tranh toàn cảnh về cấu trúc bài viết IELTS.

Các website

Hiện tại, IZONE cung cấp cho bạn học một nguồn tài liệu Writing phong phú bao gồm bài mẫu và hướng dẫn làm bài, do chính giảng viên IZONE soạn ra ngay trên trang web: izone.edu.vn

Đề thi IELTS Writing

Đội ngũ IZONE đã và đang đầu tư rất nhiều để thiết kế và cung cấp một môi trường học tập online qua website IZONE hoàn thiện nhất cho bạn học ở mọi trình độ. Các bạn có thể hoàn toàn tin tưởng sử dụng IZONE để cải thiện kỹ năng Writing nhé. 

Lưu ý: Hiện tại, IZONE vẫn trong quá trình tối ưu hóa thiết kế để trải nghiệm người dùng trên mọi nền tảng. Trước mắt, để đạt được trải nghiệm học tốt nhất, bạn nên học bằng máy tính laptop hoặc máy tính bàn.

Một vài trang web có uy tín khác:


Trang web của vị cựu giám khảo IELTS tên là Simon, một người thầy rất có tâm đã tạo ra blog để đưa ra lời khuyên và các bài tập của chính thầy cho học sinh trên toàn thế giới luyện tập IELTS.


Writeandimprove.com là một trang web tuyệt vời để bạn thực hành kỹ năng viết của mình. Trên trang web này, bạn có thể thoải mái viết bài về vô số chủ đề từ dễ đến khó.

Sau khi viết và nộp bài, bài viết của bạn sẽ được tự động phân tích và bạn sẽ nhận được kết quả phân tích bài báo của mình. Vậy bạn có thể cho biết mình đã mắc những lỗi ngữ pháp nào, từ vựng được sử dụng trong bài chủ yếu ở mức độ nào.

Bài viết này đã tổng hợp các đề thi IELTS Writing các năm 2020, 2021 cũng như những lưu ý để đạt được điểm cao trong kỳ thi này. Rất mong bài viết này sẽ hữu ích với bạn.