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Đề thi & Đáp án IELTS Recent Actual Test 2 – Listening Part 2

A. Luyện tập


Questions 11-15

Choose the correct letter. A, B or C.

11. Why does the speaker recommend the Sky Hotel?

12. What is new in this year’s exhibition?

13. How do people enter the skiing and snowboarding competition?

14. What did the media focus on this year?

15. Why does the speaker recommend the ski program?

Questions 16-20

Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-F, next to Questions 16-20.

Aexploring new destinations 
Bhow to make the skiing boots comfortable 
Chow to become a ski instructor 
Dhow to combine other activities with skiing 
Ehow to improve the skills of skiing 
Finformation about skiing safety
16. Simon’s talk
17. Solution
18. Film
19. Tricks
20. Johnson’s talk

Điểm số của bạn là % – đúng / câu

B. Transcript

Good morning everyone and welcome to the Annual Ski and Snowboard Exhibition held from April 8th to 17th. I am Mary Granger, coordinator of the event this year. The 10-day event features many highlights. As a snow sports lover, I know you are looking forward to a great time here. Now I’d like to offer you some practical information about the whole event and what to expect from it.

This might be the first time coming here for some of you. So for those who are still wondering about the right accommodation, (Q11 ) I recommend Sky Hotel. It has its own health and sports clubs just like most of the hotels here, but I love it because of its incredibly cozy beds which guarantees good rest after an exhausting day of exploration. If you haven’t brought your own equipment, like poles, boots and skis, they are available for purchase or rent at Ski Set or Snow Rental. 

The exhibition this year provides a colorful look into the history of skiing and an inspiring peek into the future prospects of the sport. Apart from the fascinating photo exhibitions and the most up-to-date skiing gear like always, (Q12) this year we have added four computers which can imitate the process of skiing, ensuring the same physical activity and sensations that appear during the skiing process on downhill slopes. But I have to warn you that it might be quite time-consuming to line up for the free trial experience. 

Many have posed the question as to (Q13 ) how to enter the skiing and snowboarding competition. Well, rather than filling out the back of the entrance ticket or bombarding the committee with emails, (Q13) the most effective method is by checking out the exhibition newsletter delivered every month for availability. As the most beloved local event, the exhibition has also drawn attention from the press. Last year, massive media coverage was on the worrisome amount of snowfall. In order to avoid the same predicament, several artificial skiing slopes have been built. (Q14) With more participants this year, we have lowered the entrance fee which has been widely reported by local newspapers.          

A bonus for our participants is (Q15) the ski program. It offers a wide variety of lessons and sessions with qualified instructors ensuring that all ages and abilities are catered to from the first timers to seasoned amateurs. I strongly advise you to sign up for the program as it is offering an unprecedented 30% discount. That’s mainly because we are cooperating with the program organiser who promises affordable prices only for the participants of the festival this year.

Now I would like to introduce to you the list of presentations during the following week so that you can better plan your schedule.

The first presenter (Q16) Simon is one of our best ski instructors. As an experienced instructor, he will inform you about the dangers that face skiers and snowboarders. Accidents happen mostly to those who are careless or ignorant. Good risk management involves considering both the probability and consequences of an accident.

The next speech titled (Q17) Solution is given by Jamie Kurt. A list of problems may occur to novice skiers and snowboarders, so he is going to offer useful information for first timers on choosing the appropriate gears, the right dress code and ways of protecting your skin. For instance, some of you may have rented the skiing equipment, but rental footwear is notoriously uncomfortable. Then Jamie will provide instructions to help make your footwear fit better.

The third speech is about a (Q18) documentary introducing skiing and snowboarding and the difference between the two sports. It also depicts a group of snow lovers exploring new slopes with breath-taking views. The director Andy Fisher will be there, addressing the whole shooting experience.

The fourth talk is about the (Q19 )tricks of skiing, presented by Harry Tyson. It is most useful for those who have already tried skiing, yet still need more practice to master the sport. Harry will teach you how to turn more skillfullyA lot of people can keep their skis roughly parallel but there’s no point if you make it hard to work with and slide around out of control. Useful exercises will also be suggested to improve your parallel skiing technique so that you can tackle steeper slopes and enjoy yourself more.

(Q20) Johnson Smith will be the last presenter, mainly addressing towards advanced skiers. He manages to apply snow climbing into skiing. Climbing in soft snow, you are floundering around. Walking becomes harder, so a good trick during climbing is to maintain a wider gait, approximately shoulder width, so that you are more stable while walking. This works for skiing as well.

C. Giải thích đáp án