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Common vocabulary in Academic Reading – Unit 13 – Prepositional phrases

Dưới đây là những cụm giới cực kỳ phổ biến trong các bài đọc IELTS Reading, các bạn hãy làm quen và nắm thật chắc các từ này để việc đọc tiếng Anh trở nên dễ dàng thoải mái hơn nhé.


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Bài tập 1: Điền cụm giới từ đúng vào ô trống

1. Professor Soltero said that, line government guidelines, the researchers had consulted local people.
2. A spokesperson for the drug company said that, stage, it is too early to make strong claims about the drug.
3. Dr Leiman said that while the hand the government wanted to encourage research, the hand they were reducing funding for universities.
4. addition a new building on the campus, the team will receive a very generous grant to conduct their research.
5. the exception one study in 1986, no major had been carried out till now, Dr Peters stated.
6. Professor Karpal said that, the basis her studies so far, she was optimistic that a cure for the disease would be found.
7. Lauren Charles said that, whole, social conditions had improved since the eport, especially terms jobs and housing for the poorer sectors.
8. The Professor said that he was delighted to accept the award behalf the whole university.

Bài tập 2: Nối nửa trước câu và nửa sau câu cho hợp lý

1 The conclusions are fair in
2 Dr Carr’s team got the grant, in
3. We had little money to spare; in
4. We need people’s personal data, in
5. We made an important discovery; in
6. This latest paper is quite short in
7. The Indian study was carried out in
A some ways it was sheer luck.
B conjunction with an American project.
C comparison with other articles in the series
D spite of being the smallest team to apply.
E most respects, though some are questionable.
F other words, we were underfunded.
G particular their parents’ history of illnesses.


Bài tập 3: Đọc đoạn văn sau về sự khám phá ra khủng long. Trong mỗi câu, có một lỗi trong việc sử dụng một cụm giới từ. Bạn hãy sửa từng lỗi.

A bone discovered on change in 17th century was the beginning of the search for dinosaurs. From then in, scientists and the public have been fascinated by these creatures. In accordance to beliefs at that time, the initial discovery was thought to be the bone of a human giant. However, in 1824, a scientist, William Buckland, calculated that the bone belonged to a 12-metre, flesh-eating reptile and named it Megaiosaurus, on the process giving us the first of the wonderful list of exotic names for dinosaurs. The 17th century discovery had, onturn, led to a series of further finds around that time. All these at a greater or lesser extent confirmed Buckland’s theories. For far the biggest dinosaur discovered to date was probably over 40 metres long. To the most part, dinosaurs ranged from the size of a chicken to that of a giraffe. At most respects, what we know about their habits is still very limited. What we do know is at least on some extent based on pure speculation.


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