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Common vocabulary in Academic Reading – Unit 41 – Describing research methods

Dưới đây là những từ vựng dùng để miêu tả các cách thức nghiên cứu không chỉ quan trọng đối với phần thi IELTS Reading mà còn cực kỳ hữu dụng trong phần thi IELTS Writing. Các bạn hãy làm quen và nắm thật chắc các từ này để việc đọc tiếng Anh trở nên dễ dàng thoải mái hơn nhé.


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A. Các cụm từ hữu dụng

B. Các loại phương thức nghiên cứu

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C. Bài tập

Bài tập 1: Hoàn thành các câu trong 2 đoạn văn sau bằng những từ trong bài.

Scientists disagree as to whether cold fusion, the controlled power of the hydrogen bomb in the laboratory, is possible. In the past, some believed that e s under la c using palladium and platinum electrodes could in fact cause heavy hydrogen atoms to fuse into helium and release energy, as the sun does. In carefully controlled experiments, researchers believed they could ma the v arising from complexity of electrodes and other equipment used. In such co co, they argued, cold fusion was possible. However, attempts to r some of the experiments which claimed to be successful failed, and many now believe that cold fusion is in fact theoretically impossible.

Some linguists believe that we can best d how language is processed by laboratory experiments. However, laboratory experiments are by definition ar and may not r what happens in the real world. Other linguists believe, therefore, that em o is better, and prefer to carry out f studies and c studies of individuals in na se. In this way, i-d data can be c by observers without i with the process in any way, even though this may be a more t-c. method. However, individual studies in real situations may not be r of the general p of the second language learners. In short, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

Bài tập 2: Dùng những từ trong hộp để điền vào ô trống. Thêm a/an và bất cứ gì khác cần thiết để hoàn thiện cụm từ.

checkmethodologypilot studyprocedureassemble

carry out / /
employ/use / /
/ / apparatus

Bài tập 3: Hoàn thiện câu sử dụng từ trong bài 2.

1. It was a new of apparatus so we it first and then it before using it.
2. The team carried out a before conducting the main to see if the they were using was reliable.
3. The team needed to employ a different for measuring the pressure, so they used a new which they manufactured in their own laboratory.

Bài tập 4: Sửa lại 8 lỗi đánh vần và từ vựng trong những câu sau.

1. It was very difficult to make reliable interferences from the data as we had so little.

2. A correlational study is a good way of seeing if one phenomena is related to another in a system way.

3. The experiment neither proved nor deproved Jessop’s theory.

4. We had to explain the unusual scores of five of the subjets in the sample, who all had totals well below the norm. It was possible there were unaccuracies in the data.

5. An exterior observer can often unintentionally erupt the behaviour of the subjects they are observing.

2 ,
4 ,
5 ,

Điểm số của bạn là % – đúng / câu