Ứng dụng Collocation vào Speaking – Unit 24: News

Nguồn: English Collocations In Use Intermediate – Unit 36

Our Firm News

A. Collocations about newspapers

a (news) story breaks The singer was out of the country when the story about his wife broke.
news comes inTV newscaster: News has just come in of an earthquake.
news leaks out Although the two stars tried to keep their relationship secret, news of it soon leaked out.
hit the headlines The scandal is expected to hit the headlines tomorrow.
make headlines A dramatic story like that will make headlines world-wide.
front-page headline The scandal was the front-page headline in all the newspapers.
the latest news The latest news from the earthquake zone is more hopeful.
be headline/front-page newsAny story about the Royal Family will be headline/ front-page news in Britain.
item of news The main item of news today is the earthquake in Broskva City.
run a story [publish a story]The Daily Times recently ran a story about an affair between a famous rock star and a politician.
flick through the newspaperHe flicked through the newspaper as he didn’t have time to read it properly.

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B. The language of news stories

MINISTER GIVES THE GO-AHEAD TO PLANSIn a surprising turn of events last night, the government agreed to plans for the development of the City. Interested parties will hold talks throughout the week.
MINISTER QUITS The Arts Minister has resigned after only six months in the top job. He has attracted attention over his controversial decision to re-introduce charges for museum entry.
PEACE TALKS END IN FAILUREPeace talks between the Eastern Liberation Army and the government of Karavia broke down last night. Civil war is now likely.
ANTI-SMOKING CAMPAIGN The Minister for Health today outlined plans for a national anti-smoking campaign. The government intends to launch the campaign in the new year. 
TOURIST TAKEN CAPTIVEA tourist was taken hostage when rebel troops seized control of St Pips Airport last night. The government has lost control of the area. Our reporter in St Pips is keeping a close watch on the situation and we shall be keeping you informed as the news develops.
LIGHTNING STRIKESA building caught fire when lightning struck a farm in Hampshire yesterday. Fortunately there was no loss of life

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C. Common mistakes

Note that we say the latest news, NOT the last news.

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D. Exercises

Bài 1: Hoàn thành các cụm từ trong phần mô tả các chương trình TV này. ‘Pick of the week’ có nghĩa là ‘Các chương trình được đề xuất nhiều nhất trong tuần’

Monday: 7.00–7.30 pm BBC
The news from the world solo balloon attempt in this 30-minute documentary with live pictures from the balloon.
Tuesday: 8.15–9.00 pm ITV2
Through the Window: a unique look at the private residences of the celebrities who headlines around the world.
Wednesday: 10.25–11.25 pm DTV
Last year, rock star Izzy Arbuttle was news. But where is he now? Jo Prees investigates the star who became a very private person.
Thursday: 8.00–8.45 pm KTV3
When news out that singer Millie Logan was seeking a divorce from Hal Daker, no one believed it. Millie tells her own story.
Friday: 9.15–9.55 pm MBC
The Deenazon drug scandal whichthe headlines last year left 10,000 people with health problems. A major newspaper a story claiming that scientists had not done proper tests. But who was to blame?
Saturday: 6.30–7 pm QSRTV
The famine in Geura was the headline on every major newspaper last year. But what is life like for the people of Geura now?
Sunday: 5.30–6.30 pm LAK3
Next Sunday, European Heads of State will a news conference to end their summit. It could contain important developments.

Bài 2: Hoàn thành trò chơi ô chữ sau

1 The parties could not agree and the talks broken
4 The plan got the ahead yesterday.
6 We must keep a watch on the dollar-euro exchange rate.
7 Big news stories do this.
2 The Minister outlined for a new university funding system.
3 I don’t really read the newspaper, I usually just through it.
5 There was an interesting news in the local paper yesterday.

Bài 3: Hoàn thành các collocation sau

1. In an unexpected of events, the manager has been sacked and it is rumoured that the job might go to the club’s coach. We will you informed as more news in.
2. Rebel troops control of the capital of Jalamaa last night. Meanwhile, five police officers were captive by rebels in the south of the country.
3. Lightning a house yesterday which immediately fire.
4. The government will talks with all parties to try to end the strike.
5. Charles Ankram is to quit the job of personal adviser to the President. He recently objected to a decision to cut next year’s health budget.
6. The government has a campaign to clean up the countryside.

Điểm số của bạn là % – đúng / câu

E. Luyện nói

(*) Cố gắng sử dụng 1 số collocations Gợi ý để hình thành câu trả lời. Lưu ý làbạn KHÔNG cần dùng tất cả collocations này trong câu trả lời của mình, chỉ cần chọn ra 1 vài collocations hữu ích.

Part 1:

1. Do you often read newspapers?

flicked through the newspaper, a (news) story breaks, news comes in, news leaks out, hit the headlines, make headlines, the latest news, be headline/front-page news, run a story [publish a story]

2. What sort of news are you most interested in?

item of news, attract attention, front-page headline, the latest news, keep me informed, news comes in, news leaks out.

3.  Do you ever get your news from the internet?

the latest news, be headline/front-page news, run a story [publish a story], turn of events

Part 2:

Describe a piece of news 

You should say:

  • What the news was about 
  • When you got this news
  • Where you got this news from

flicked through the newspaper, the latest news, attract attention, be headline/ front-page news, run a story [publish a story], turn of events, a (news) story breaks, controversial decision, launch the campaign, break down, take hostage, no loss of life. 


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