Ứng dụng Collocation vào Speaking – Unit 36: Liking and Disliking

(Nguồn: English Collocations In Use Intermediate)

Chủ đề Thích và Ghét là những chủ đề quen thuộc và có liên quan đến đời sống hàng ngày của mỗi chúng ta. Nhưng liệu rằng các bạn đã biết hết những cách diễn đạt hay về chúng trong Tiếng Anh? Bạn có thể biết bao nhiêu cách nói “Thích” ngoài từ “Like” ?

Hãy cùng IZONE học những cụm từ diễn đạt hay về chủ đề Thích và Ghét trong bài viết này nhé

A. Strong statements: nouns and adjectives

Trắc nghiệm phân biệt 'dislike' và 'unlike' - VnExpress
likingI have a particular liking for quiet, relaxing music. She had a genuine liking for her cousins
loveHis great love of nature can be seen in his paintings. Her passionate love of the sea inspired her to sail round the world. 
regard [formal]I have always had the greatest regard for her. She has the highest regard for her teacher.
enjoymentI will never forget the sheer enjoyment of listening to the children singing. We get great enjoyment out of our little cottage in the mountains.
pleasureIt’s been a great pleasure meeting you. I hope we meet again. It was such a huge pleasure to be able to relax and do nothing for a week. 
preferenceWhen asked, many people expressed a clear preference for organic food. I’ve always had a strong preference for short stories rather than novels.
dislikeI have an intense dislike of rock music that is played too loud. She took an instant dislike to Mr Peabody, but she did not know why
aversionHe has always had a huge aversion to hard work of any kind. Most people have a strong aversion to excessive violence on TV. 
hatredShe had a deep hatred of politicians, especially corrupt ones. The deep-rooted hatred between the two families goes back several generations.

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B. Verbs and nouns

Pacific Airlines | Joy to take off | Official website

These people are talking about their favourite airlines.

I think Globe Air are pretty good. You can state your preference for a special low fat menu, or seafood or vegetarian. They have great in-flight entertainment too – they try to cater for everyone’s tastes. They seem to take pride in their service.

I do a lot of long-distance flying and I don’t relish the thought of a twelve-hour flight with no leg-room, so I usually fly with Arrow. They give you a lot of space, even in economy. And they seem to take pleasure in looking after you.

I think most people take offence if they’re just treated like a number. I have no sympathy for airlines that lose customers because they’re too lazy to give them a warm welcome when they step on board. Visa Airlines are always very friendly. 

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C. Other useful collocations for likes and dislikes

Quiz Expression Of Like And Dislike (3) - ProProfs Quiz

1. I like most James Bond Films, but Goldfinger is my absolute/all-time favourite

2. I’ve always been a great lover of Mozart’s operas. 

3. She’s a(n) ardent/dedicated fan of American football. [showing strong feelings] 

4. I’m a keen admirer of the new President. He is such a strong leader. 

5. My wife’s father always filled me with admiration. He achieved so much during his life. It always gives me pleasure when I see my children doing well at school.

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D. Exercise

Bài 1: Xem lại mục A. Viết lại mỗi câu sau và sử dụng các từ trong ngoặc sao cho nghĩa của câu không đổi.

1. In the survey most people said they much preferred coffee to tea. (preference) =>
2. Karl really dislikes people using mobile phones in restaurants. (aversion) =>
3. The staff all think very highly of their managing director. (regard) =>
4. I’ve enormously enjoyed getting to know you. (pleasure). =>
5. Suzie genuinely likes cowboy films. (genuine) =>
6. My parents absolutely detest most modern architecture. (hatred) =>
7. We enormously enjoy our weekends in the country. (great) =>
8. Rex knew at once that he could never like his new flatmate. (instant) =>

Bài 2: Đánh dấu + nếu câu thể hiện niềm yêu thích và đánh dấu – nếu câu nói về điều không thích

1. I have no sympathy for anyone who takes such foolish risks. =>
2. Jane Austen is my all-time favourite writer. =>
3. I’m a dedicated fan of Robin Williams. =>
4. I don’t relish the thought of a holiday with all my cousins. =>
5. It gives me no pleasure to have to say this to you. =>
6. I take pride in doing my work as neatly as I can. =>
7. I must say I rather took offence at what she said to me. =>
8. I’m a great lover of the open air life. =>
9. I’ve always been a keen admirer of Nelson Mandela. =>

Bài 3: Chọn cụm từ đúng

I went to a new Italian restaurant last night. It claimed to (1) cater / cook / feed for everyone’s tastes. I went there with my brother. We both have a (2) large / heavy / strong preference for Italian food. We also both have a (3) peculiar / special / particular liking for sitting out-of-doors and this restaurant had a lovely terrace. Unfortunately, the food did not (4) make / give / pass us quite so much pleasure. Although the staff gave us a very (5) warm / hot / boiling welcome when we arrived, they didn’t seem to (6) take / do / make much pride in their service or their cooking. I certainly don’t much relish the (7) suggestion / proposal / thought of going there again.


Bài 4: Trả lời các câu hỏi sau

1. Does it give you more pleasure to give a present or to receive a present? =>
2. Are you more likely to take an intense dislike to a person or a place? =>
3. If you are asked to state your preference for a window or an aisle seat on a plane, what do you normally go for? =>
4. Which singer is your absolute favourite? =>
5. Name one person who has filled you with admiration in the last five years. =>
6. Do you take more pride in your work or your home? =>
7. Name three people or things that you feel great love for.=>
8. Do you get more pleasure from reading or from listening to music? =>

Điểm số của bạn là % – đúng / câu

E. Practice

Part 1: 

1. Who is your favorite singer?

(*) Cố gắng sử dụng 1 số collocations Gợi ý để hình thành câu trả lời. Lưu ý là bạn KHÔNG cần dùng tất cả collocations này trong câu trả lời của mình, chỉ cần chọn ra 1 vài collocations hữu ích.

have a particular/genuine liking for, great lover, ardent/dedicated fan, filled me with admiration, greatest/highest regard for, sheer/great enjoyment

2. What type of person do you hate working with?

take an instant dislike to, huge/strong aversion, don’t relish the thought, take offence, have no sympathy

3. Which sport do you often like to play in your free time?

have a particular/genuine liking, sheer/great enjoyment, absolute/all-time favourite, ardent/dedicated fan, take pride in, don’t relish the thought

Part 3:

1. In your country, who is the family leader?

greatest/highest regard, great/passionate love, keen admirer, filled me with admiration, take pride in, don’t relish the thought

2. Do music stars have negative effects on the young?

cater for sb tastes, great/sheer enjoyment, greatest/highest regard, absolute/all-time favourite, ardent/dedicated fan, intense dislike, have no sympathy, don’t relish the thought


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