Grammar In Use – Unit 15: Must and can’t

A. Lý thuyết


B. Bài tập

Sau khi đã đọc xong phần Lý thuyết, các bạn hãy làm các bài tập sau để hiểu sâu hơn về Lý thuyết của bài nhé!



2 must 6 can’t

3 can’t 7 must

4 must 8 must

5 must 9 can’t


3 go

4 have taken / have stolen / have moved

5 be

6 have been

7 be looking

8 have been

9 have heard

10 be following


3 It must have been very expensive.

4 They must have gone away.

5 I must have left it in the restaurant last night.

6 It can’t have been easy for her.

7 He must have been waiting for somebody.

8 She can’t have understood what I said, or She couldn’t have understood what I said.

9 I must have forgotten to lock it.

10 My neighbours must have been having a party.

11 The driver can’t have seen the red light, or The driver couldn’t have seen …

C. Từ vựng

Dưới đây là Tổng hợp các từ vựng quan trọng xuất hiện trong bài


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